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Introduction and Index

 These pages have been written for survivors, and their supporters, of ritual abuse. It is a general education and a summary of ritual abuse. The pages have a focus on the Australian situation and resources.

To see who I am please see the About Me section on the right of this page.

What is Ritual Abuse?
Ritual abuse is abuse done within an organisation that practices extremely criminal activities, and within a specified calendar. Firstly, the calendar dates are what distinguishes it from abuse by other organized crime. Criminal practices such as murder and rape are done to victims at predetermined yearly ceremonies. Organised crime however abuse rape and murder to fulfill their illegal money-making activities. The ritual abuse perpetrators want to obtain complete power and they think they can achieve it by ritualised murder, rape and other atrocious acts of people and animals. The rapes, murders, etc. are organised for specific dates of a calendar. Specific people are also killed and harmed at those dates. Eg a child is raped on a certain date. Therefore serious and murderous harm is actually institutionalised by both the organization of it and within specific yearly dates. The term ritual abuse comes from how yearly rituals, which ordinarily are productive and wholesome such as Easter, are inverted horrendously so as to be dreadfully abused. To a ritual abuse cult/organisation these atrocious dates are the supposed fulfillment of their megalomania.

Secondly, the criminality is also what distinguishes it from other organised behaviour which have a calendar of set dates. The groups that organise and practice activities on these dates may have anti social or even socially accepted behaviour. Satanic, pagan, witchcraft, etc groups that do not practice criminal activities are examples of these. Ritual abuse cults and groups are those that are criminal.

Some of the cult's/organisation's crimes are also about obtaining wealth. Other cult activities are organised child and adult pornography and prostitution, human trade, unethical medical and military experimentation, etc. and which are similar to other organised crime. Further extreme harm occurs with the torturous indoctrination. This includes drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch brutal videos, etc. There are also deliberate setups of no choice where the victim is forced to believe s/he “killed a loved one”. The survivor had to do so in self defence, but is lied to that s/he had “a choice”. This setup is done repetitively in order to maintain control, and to enforce the cult’s ideology of power by murder.

The organisations generally consist of cults or small groups and organisations. Their categorisation depends on their style. Some feel like a cult, while others have a military type of organisation, and others have a less regimented "small group" feel. They can abuse religions/ideologies/historical figures that are anti-societal, cruel and inhumane such as Nazism or Nero worship. They can also adopt traditional pagan like religions/ideologies such as Satanism, Paganism, Witchcraft, etc and make them criminal, and/or pervert mainstream religions/ideologies such as Christianity and Masonry. They can also produce a new “religion” and utilise it for producing criminal and horrific rituals. Their aim, as mentioned, is to bolster their megalomania by organised homicide, rape, cannibalism, etc, and to incorporate this into a yearly calendar so that it becomes institutionalised

The abuse can be current and/or from suffering its effects. Most survivors are usually being abused when they first realise that the cults/organisations are mistreating them. They need to firstly escape the current abuse in order to stop any further abuse and reprogramming. They then work on past abuse. For some survivors the abuse is totally in the past. Their perpetrators are dead and the cult/organisation does not affect them anymore, or the cult/organisation disbanded and so the survivor is not being abused currently. Also what has happened is that the survivor really has escaped the perpetrators by moving to a new area, or has excellent safety from the perpetrators where s/he was recently abused. (However, much caution is needed in really knowing that s/he has escaped or has total safety from the perpetrators as the perpetrators will lie that “s/he is safe” and this may well be untrue). Survivors not working on current abuse, work on memories from the past.

Please click on the words in blue/grey to get more information on that specific concern.

Ritual Abuse and the Cults/Organisations
Ritual Abuse Cults/Organisations: The Abuse/Criminality; Their Aims and Extent.
What is a ritual abuse cult/organization? What is the abuse, and how is it criminal? What style and formation do they take? How long have they been in existence? Where abouts are they? How large are they?
Belief In Its Existence: Who believes that ritual abuse cults/organizations exist? How did they come to believe it? Why these people are important in getting support.

The Programming or Indoctrination
How are people indoctrinated into the cult/organization? The methods of programming people so that they become robotic, respond to cues, and are not conscious to their abuse. On the surface and in the victim's mind s/he is deceived s/he is living a "normal life". However, in reality, s/he is taken to extremely disgusting ceremonies, and abused for the illgal money making activities of the cults/organisations.

What is the recovery, its process and important aspects?
Crisis Periods: What are crisis periods and why do they occur? A calendar of cult/organisation call back periods. Ways of stopping the stress.
External Stressors: Survivors get triggered by external stressors such as exams, parenting, travelling, etc. There needs to be an understanding of recovery within these stressors.

Undoing and Coping with the Brainwashing: What is deprogramming and its processes for recovery?

Support for Victims/Survivors: Where you/the survivor can get support in Australia and use overseas resources such as the Internet. This includes counselling; support groups; survivor community groups; media- books/magazines, videos, cassettes and internet; workshops and conferences; etc.

Support for Supporters: Where a supporter such as a friend, parent, counsellor, etc can get support in Australia and use overseas resources such as the Internet.

International Webpages of Ritual Abuse and Similar Survivorship: These webpages are concerned with ritual abuse survivorship. They also list webpages of survivorship from similar abuse.

Australian Webpages of Similar Survivorship:
These webpage address similar aspects of the abuse such as surviving sexual assault, child protection, dissociative identity disorder, etc.

Important Concerns When Reading This Webpage
Terminology: Victims, Survivors, Victims/Survivors and Perpetrators
In this webpage there are basically four types of people. The first are the innocent people who do not desire to be part of ritual abuse. They are brainwashed so that they are not conscious of any part of what happened/is happening. The non consciousness means s/he is not aware of the ceremonies and activities and therefore cannot escape the cult, and is intended so that s/he will not remember it later. S/he is therefore a victim as s/he does not have control over her/his life. There are also innocent people who desired/desire to leave but could not because of threats and violence. S/he knew s/he was being abused but could not escape. In both cases of knowing and not knowing, s/he is a victim because s/he could not stop the control and get away.
A survivor is someone who had been able to know that s/he is/was being abused, and has been/is making efforts to leave the cult and not participate in its atrocities, and to work on the programming and memories.
A lot of the time a person can be both a survivor/victim as s/he could still be accessed and abused in the activities without knowing it fully. However, s/he knows there is or maybe abuse still going on and is making efforts to stop the abuse. Therefore s/he is also a survivor and is called a victim/survivor in the webpage. Its the aim, ability and condition of the person that makes her/him a survivor or a victim/survivor.
Perpetrators are those that consciously know that they are at ritual abuse activities and willingly desire to do them. They are members of a criminal organization and deliberately wish to be so. Their intent is to knowingly harm.

Issues When Reading the Webpages
The information in these pages may be triggering and overwhelming. Please read at a pace that supports you. If you feel overwhelmed, are starting to have flashbacks, feel nauseous, etc, take time out and come back when you feel refreshed. Recovery is a process that you can control by being aware of what you can deak with. You can also ring a friend, a telephone crisis service, a mental health team or a therapist/counsellor. If ringing someone unknown such as a telephone crisis service, you do not need to say you are a ritual abuse survivor. The person listening is concerned about your well being, and so you do not have to explain anything if you don’t want to. Sometimes you may feel you are in a personality who has a childs or teenagers age. Do what you think would help a child and teenager of that age.
A person can read the information two ways. Firstly one can open up the different sections by simply clicking on the concerns in blue/grey above. Or a person can read past this webpage as the separate webpages follow on.
Copying the information
Please feel free to copy the information in the webpages. If you publish it, please acknowledge its source. Thankyou

If you're also interested in reading about related government mind control abuse at Australia please read Recovery fromGenerational Organised Crime which abuses Mind Control Programming at Australia

My Story
This is my story about awareness, working on programming and memories, and breaking free from the cults, the organized crime perpetrators and the private militias.

Dedicated to Survivors
This webpage is dedicated to survivors and especially for our courage in looking at the awful and horrendous trauma and working on it. It takes bravery to work on programming and memories and we should be truly applauded for being the brave people we are.


  1. Is there a way of contacting you please? For further information and direction for training within the same areas. Thank you

    1. Hi
      The best people to do training with are counselling services who support ra survivors. There is a section on them in Support. I truly have never done any training although I have been thinking of it.

    2. Thank you so much David, i am now in the process. Sending many blessings =)

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  4. Sometimes very dubious "people" leave comments that are basically advertising their services, and usually these services support perpetrators. I can catch them because these comments are registered and I see them in my email. However, there maybe a time delay between when it's posted and when I see the email, so please dont respond to the service by clicking on its name. Thanks David

  5. Do you know of good recommended counselors I haven't found anything

  6. From time to time we get "people" who are simply advertising their businesses. They defend or support the perpetrators we stopped from influencing our lives. Please do not go to their webpages. I can catch them because their comments show up in my email, but please if there is a period between when they comment and whem I delete their comments dont open their webpages. They know they are doing wrong as I've blocked them before. They are simply scum and probably perpetrators themselves.

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  8. Do you have any info on physical symtoms in the body? Whenever I try to heal I begin to experience physical problems; cramps, shocks, aches, itchiness, pains, nausea, dizziness... Not all at once but one after the other.

  9. The physical pain and issues are caused mainly by the torture such as electrocution, spinning machines, etc. The itchiness could be caused by liquids and powder they dab us with.

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