Friday, 7 October 2011

Break Free From Memory


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  2. I am a survivor of such. I remember my father and his friends. I remember being tortured and abused. I remember seeing other small children die and buried. My father was in the army in Townsville. My memories I never forgot were from 1970 to 1976. I fight to not remember anything else. Its too tramatising. A few of his army friends and local Catholic Chrurch members were involved along with a much larger group of others. Women too abused and assaulted children. I still in fear. Still terrified. Still cant go to the police. I still struggle with living. Who do I call to get help? I struggle daily with staying alive. I'm nearly 50. I'm female. I witnessed and experienced horrific abuse and assaults and murders.

  3. Hi please remember that whats causing you to feel suicidal is programming. Their disgusting way of trying to shut us up and not remember. So try not to buy into it.
    This is my support page and depending on where you live there is support available. Nearly all sexual assault centres can deal with ritual abuse survivors, and if they don't they know of a counselling service that can.
    And please also remember that there are thousands of ritual abuse survivors who are doing very well and you can too.

    Please write more if you need to