Saturday, 8 October 2011

Expose Ritual Abuse


  1. Dear Everyone here, I believe this is happening to me under the guise of an inheritance problem. My sibling has been stealing all that belongs to me for five years now, against the law, and against a further judgement that of course only confirmed my rights, according to the Law of the land. Until a few weeks ago, I was dying of Hepatitis C, Genome 1A, which became curable only a few weeks ago now. The origins of this illness, by the way, are unclear, and might be related. I am not affirming, yet there is cause for reasonable doubt. She left me in economic destitution, which has been demonstrated to the courts beyond absolutely any doubt possible, medically, financially, and of course psychologically. I have not mentioned that she is also a wealthy medical doctor. Indirectly, yet less and less so, and more and more obviously now, the court system, in a certain country of Western Europe, has skilfuly supported this slow murder, particularly, first, through a much delayed legal procedure, then, by not ordering her to pay five years of rent due on an occupied still undivided property which the law stipulates that she must pay half of the rent the house would yield on the market. My lawyer's attempt to have her at least pay these five years of rent due legally (it will be exactly five years in February) have all been rejected by the court. The latest such occurrence was on December 11, which also coincided with her birthday, that day, in 1948. This is extremely serious, and I have all the concrete, exact, and even legal proofs for it. I have a history of bipolar, of which she is aware. She also tried to let me die in August of 2006, from a very high bout of Diabetes. She was found innocent at the Medical Court that exists in that country. When the charges were being read out loud to her, she smiled, then laughed, according to my lawyer. The civil procedure, though, was already on its way, and is the one I first mentioned and described the inconsistency of. Never, in my life, have I seen such a wilful drive to harm and kill slowly, in perfect knowledge of it. I repeat that this is amply proven. This being is fundamentally evil. Her linguistics also show it. Her actions, indeed as well. She is surrounded by persons that seem abominable in their concepts and thought. Those persons are beyond any description themselves, particularly her son, who has shown glacial will to surreptitiously kill his own uncle, myself. At this point, I believe that this has been long organized by herself, her son, and also my parents, who were very bizarre as well. I repeat that everything which I am writing here is completely verified. Please, help me. I am feeling that this trap is now close to engulfing me. My sibling, her son, and more persons, are members of a satanic and neo nazi thought group, I am absolutely sure of it now. She had a relationship, about twenty years ago, with a then minister in that country's government, who, I have just found out, was also reproposed in 2007 as also a minister of the government. The national Jewish association immediately intervened to stop his nomination, and claimed that this person was one of the worst neo nazis in the country. He was then not nominated. I am not delirious, I have completed two Masters' Degrees, and ABD, plus a complete Ph. D. I am not delirious at all, I only wish this was all a misinterpretation. Only, at this point, there is absolutely no doubt that this is a satanic ritual of some sort. It is also extremely well organized, extremely cowardly, and in complete awareness. It seems to me that this sacrifice, whichever it is, will only give way to more, and might also reinforce the worst anti-humanity international thought and plans in the entire world, they have extensions everywhere, it is certain. There is absolutely nothing of a sexual nature here, nothing. Please, help me

    1. Dear Jeffery

      Im sorry that I haven't seen this before. It seems like it slipped under the radar. Where you live, are their counsellors who believe that ritual abuse exists? Seeing a counsellor would firstly help you unravel this mess, and then assist you to find proper legal help. David

  2. Fuck you need some help.