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My Story

My Story

I have always wanted to be free and even changed my name to Free so that I could really be. I have been helped by lovely people who have validated that I was being abused and supported me. These are survivors on email lists, counsellors and friends I’ve known for many years.  I am just coming out of a bumpy time and hopefully I am free from the strings and manipulation the cults did to me.

I finally escaped the cult in August 2008. I had come back to Australia to get help and deprogram. I was living at Malaysia and Indonesia and was lied to that I “was free”. In fact I was deployed by the cults in conjunction with government espionage agencies to spy on Muslim people. I was non consciously avoiding this deployment by going to areas the government espionage agencies didn’t want me to go to. I realised however that I needed to be back at Australia and still not accessed by the cults. I needed familiarity and counselling, and to not go near Brisbane or Wollongong where the ex handlers were. I went to Perth and got medical help such as anti depressants and counselling to stop the programming, accessing and deployment. I also had two email lists to help me. This is where I am at now.

Going back to the beginning, recovery started in 1992 when I was validated about ritual abuse by three ritual abuse survivors in an incest survivors group. This was at Wollongong the main area of the abuse. I quickly became a survivor. I left work as a teacher, and got counseling support. I was going to every support group, talk, etc that I could on ritual abuse at both Wollongong and Sydney. I did stories with the local newspaper The Illawarra Mercury who were very supportive. I also did a talk with Trish Goddard, a television interviewer, on her Channel Ten Health Show about ritual abuse. I also did an interview on the local ABC Radio Breakfast Program on ritual abuse.

My story was also included in the ASCA (Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) book on surviving abuse called “Breaking The Silence”. My story as a ritual abuse survivor was included in the “Going Public” and “Confronting the Perpetrator” sections. I wrote about confronting the perpetrator – the father, and about going public as I had spoken to the media and went to the NSW Wood Royal Commission into the Police Service (1994-6). The Wood Royal Commission was very important in two ways. Firstly, ritual abuse was raised officially within a major government investigation, and secondly the Commission did not dismiss it but said that it could happen as “psycho-sexual murders of children had been known to exist” and ritual abuse was similar. I was also published in a U.S. anthology of Ritual Abuse Survivors Stories called Breaking Ritual Silence by Jeanne Marie Lorena and Paula Levy. The article is called “Joyous, Humble and Thoroughly Outraged” and this is how I feel about the cults/govt and escaping.

However, unknowingly and annoyingly I was still being non consciously mind controlled at Wollongong. In the mid 1990s the handler (the main mind controller and programmer) at Wollongong promised me “freedom” if I went to Brisbane. I non consciously trusted that handler and I thought I was “escaping”. I didn’t know that I was still being mind controlled and was not conscious to the abuse. Between Wollongong and Brisbane the Wollongong handler passed me over to a new handler in Brisbane. The new handler cajoled me that I would be “safe in Brisbane”. HOW ANNOYING IS THAT! This new handler also lied that she was a “good person”. I now realise what the cult wanted. They wanted to stop me from doing more recovery, telling my innocent family about the abuse, and doing public education about ritual abuse. I was on television, in the newspapers and on radio speaking out against ritual abuse. SADLY AND ANNOYINGLY I WAS PROGRAMMED SO MUCH THAT I WENT TO BRISBANE FULLY UNAWARE OF BEING FURTHER ABUSED.

The HANDLER IN WOLLONGONG SENT ME TO ANOTHER HANLDER IN BRISBANE. There I was tortured and reprogrammed again. They abused electricity, hypnosis, drugs and other torture. They abused videos that had preplanned and designed scenarios of deliberate setups that produced loss, no choice and loyalty to them. She and other perpetrators non consciously reprogrammed me to be blindly loyal to the organization and do what they wanted. They particularly abused me for military stuff. I was sent to Townsville and Toowoomba to relay military information, and then overseas to Lithuania, Spain (Barcelona), Indonesia and Malaysia to both pass on information and to observe people for social information. IT MAKES ME ANGRY! Thankfully as I said I was able to stop most of the deployment in Malaysia and Indonesia and come back to Australia to live and deprogram. I live now in a safe place with twenty four hour protection.

I was abused by various cults, and the main one was satanic. The cult’s abhorrence was determined by the cult leaders which were plainly twisted and megalomaniac. Its hard to call them who as they are worse than animals. Animals have more respect for other things than cult leaders and members. All the cult members are detestable and how they can face an afterlife is beyond me.

The ceremonies are these dark, morbid things that have no value whatsoever. They drain from the earth rather than give anything to it. The closest thing to it are battlefields of war and animal slaughterhouses. The ceremonies are in a way a war against humanity. The cult members and leaders do ritual abuse because they horribly hate people. It’s more than despising. It’s an actual hatred of life. They could be jealous of people being happy and living, but it’s hard to say what their motivation is. They worship death is the only answer I can think of. And it’s very different from being thankful for people who have died in wars in order to defend ones country. This is the actual worship of the death of someone or an animal. It is actually very nonhuman. Humans do not have this belief naturally. Our lives are about sustaining life.

Here’s a shortened list that states the years and places of the abuse. It also lists the type of abuse e.g. ritual abuse, govt mc, etc, and also a subheading of the type e.g. Baal "worship", medical experimentation, couriering information, etc.

1958 - 60 was born in 1958 at Bourke and don’t think there was any abuse until 1960

1960 - Bourke, NSW - the old man, his sister, and his father (deceased) first started torturing and sexually abusing me. (Before this the old man went to Bourke from (Sydney) to find a programmable wife (my Mum) and bring her back to the east coast.) His sister and father travelled to Bourke to start the programming process with him.

1960-64- Abuse in the Gerringong, Kiama, Werri Beach and Gerroa areas. The old man moved me and Mum to Werri Beach. My brother was born in 1964.
Mum, my brother and I were abused horrifically at Satanic ritual abuse ceremonies. Mostly at a church on the South Coast of New South Wales. I’m not sure if it still being abused but it mostly certainly was in the early 1960s. Was also abused by a Nazi worshipping cult in this area.
The programming was very intense during this period where I was raped horribly at the ceremonies, and was starved and abused at perpetrators’ houses, mostly farmhouses. Was abused for child pornography.

1964- 75 Abused in the Illawarra area. The old man moved the family to the cults and govt mc perpetrators of the Illawarra.
Cults included Satanic, Nero "worshipping", Baal "worshipping", and Masonic "worship".
Was abused at many different places in the Illawarra including hotels and many farms dotted around southern Wollongong, and Mt Kembla. This was ritual abuse of all types, but mainly satanic.
Was abused by many pedophile groups and in the suburb we lived which was Berkeley.
Govt mind control started by govt perpetrators. Was trained in military and espionage, and in theft in order to steal jewellery from rich homes.
Was abused by staff at two schools at Berkeley: Berkeley High School and Berkeley West Primary School.
Was abused by a doctor for medical and government experimentation.
Was abused at the grandfathers house at Chester Hill at Sydney on most weekends and also at a military barracks in southern Sydney. Here they would program me to be observant, to be a courier of information and to be militarily minded.

1975-78 - went to university at Armidale - University of New England. Was abused mainly for govt stuff such as observing the political "unrest" of students, and to courier drug, military and espionage information between Armidale/Tamworth and Sydney/Wollongong.

1979 - Went to University of New South Wales at Sydney and was abused for drug production and couriering information between Sydney and Wollongong concerning political affairs, espionage and military.

1980-81 - Went to New Zealand and taught at a high school there. Was abused as a courier for information between Sydney and Auckland, and to gauge the level of Maori "unrest" as I was teaching in a mostly Maori community.

1982 - 96 Mainly abused by government perpetrators in Wollongong to observe Aboriginal communities for the level of "unrest". Was also abused at ra ceremonies and as "the adult" for child pornography. Was also abused to courier information within Wollongong and also to produce illicit drugs. Main abuse was for assassinating asylum seekers on govt perpetrator navy vessels off the NW coast of Australia. The govt perpetrators didn’t declare them to the news agencies or any other public institution. I was also taken to the Solomon Islands and had to assassinate people trying to reclaim their land from big mining companies on the islands.
In between this in 1983 I was sent to an isolated Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory to observe tribal Aboriginal "unrest"

1996-2000 was taken to Brisbane by programming and retrained for couriering of information globally and to attend mostly SRA ceremonies but also American holiday ones such as Thanksgiving.

2000- 2008 was sent overseas. First to Lithuania and the Basque area of Spain. Then to Indonesia and Malaysia. In June 2008 I realised that I was still being abused even though it seemed weird that I was on isolated tropical islands at Malaysia. The perpetrators were abusing me to observe Muslim "unrest".
I came back to Australia and got therapy and I hope I have stopped accessing and deployment.
I’m pretty sure I have this time.


Ive also included artwork that Ive done on ritual abuse and sexual abuse. To get back to the main page you need to use the “go back” button on your browser.

Expose Ritual Abuse This poster is about the importance of telling the world.

Break Free From Memory This one is about breaking free by working on memories.

One in Three Children Are Sexually Assaulted It is important to know that child sexual assault is widespread.

Mental Illness Equals Trauma Survivor Mental illness does not exist in a vacuum. There are reasons why people are mentally ill and it is because of trauma, usually childhood trauma.

Hearing Voices Means Brainwashing. Hearing voices is not an unnatural occurrence. There is a reason for them. Either they are brainwashing (programming) memories or parts of yourself talking.

Surviving CallbacksThis one is about surviving callbacks and how there should be a media news segment about it. Thousands of people survive cult/organization callbacks all the time and the media should be telling people about it.

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  1. Replies
    1. It was difficult survivin this stuff but you do.

    2. David have you remained free of the cults? How are you going with your healing? How are you going about it? Are you safe?

    3. Hi Beauty
      I thought I replied to this.... :) Ive remained free since 2011. No intimidation or accessing (non conscious).
      And Im safe. The names of the perpetrators have been given to friends and so Im safe. If they try anything their awful little world will be exposed.
      And my healing goes well. Im out of the suicide phase, and bit by bit everyday I do undo the programming and work on the memories :)

    4. 2011 is a long time ago when dealing with such abuse and dealing with such evil. Are you a Christian? The suicide phase is the worse and I didn't experience your hell! God bless you. I am praying for you. Praise God for placing such a strong hedge around you whether you believe or not.

    5. Hi Beauty.
      I know I replied to this and am annoyed that google of all services is sooo complicated.... Im not a Christian but do beleive in good spirituality :)

    6. Hi are there any counselors or numbers for survivors urgent please

    7. Hi Vanita
      Please look at the Support page and the telephone numbers for counselling agencies.

  2. Dear David. I think I might be a survivor of ritual abuse. I'm 37 and memories came flooding back this year. I went to the police and they took me seriously but wanted me to see a psychologist to confirm I was in my right mind. I saw the doctor etc and they confirm I was in my right mind. However as I made further disclosures which were increasingly graphic I was detained under the mental health act as being bipolar and delusional. I have been prescribed an antipsychotic but my memories remain. I was told if my memories were false then tegu would go away - but they haven't. I recovered

  3. A whole system of memories in great detail. I am in Australia and really don't know who to trust. I was wondering if you might recommend a therapist. I am reluctant to go back to the police or talk to a doctor given that ultimately my disclosures were labelled delusions. On reading others stories my account is consistent. There was a high level of intricate and graphic detail. I don't know where to go from this. I worry that if what I remember is false then I must be a very intelligent and imaginative psychotic who can describe all sorts of detail in relation to child pornography including snuff pornography, murders etc. I knew things about how remains were destroyed that I don't believe I could have known. I am a dentist so I am not dumb but nevertheless I don't believe I could have known about specific disposal techniques to destroy mitochondrial DNA etc. I also was able to articulate and draw diagrams concerning the mental impact of sexual sadism on the mind in terms of an alternate theory on MPD - a theory that reflected a level of insight I don't believe I could have imagined. I was able to describe my system of mnemonics for storing information and also for profiling my abusers so as to survive abuse. This system was entirely logical and again reflected an intelligent response to abuse. Again none of this seems to reflect psychosis and even now makes sense. I could describe many events in great detail. I worry I am really insane if this is not real.

  4. My email address is

    1. Sarah I have just sent you an email in response to your concerns. I know exactly what you are facing!

  5. In 2013 there were two relief teachers at my children's told strip search story to the children, played true or false games with the kids where he said true or false a man comes to school with a gun and knife in suitcase..the children said false he replied that's true but I do know a man with a child said he had a suitcase next to him on desk, he also told made comment about a boy in the class being attractive when he's older, he also made a comment about a boy and a dog kissing, he also looked up on classroom smartboard, food people ate before they got executed, they clicked search, then images, he slowly scrolled down showing children images of real people on death row, and drawings of guillotines...I demanded he leave the school......6 months later another parent told me another relief teacher at the same school made her child's year 3 class draw this monster devil drawing, and then he told the children this story about him and this dog called Luther, taking his pants off etc....disgusting satanic hidden messages adults can clearly child also had this same relief teacher before she said he would tell her class very violent scary stories about dead things, and once showed the children an old looking dried up human hand, my child said ...police wont investigate properly...this happened in the Northern Territory. Please help one will do anything, and they are still allowed to teach children!!
    My email address is

    1. Hi there
      Ive thought of three things you could do. Have you contacted your local sexual assault centre? Their numbers are below. Also if youre in Darwin there is the Ruby Gaea centre on 8945 0155. For Darwin Ph: 8922 6472, For Katherine Ph: 8973 8524, For Tennant Creek Ph: 8962 4361 and for Alice Springs Ph: 8955 4500.
      Secondly, you can ring the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Sexual Abuse who would be interested in your story.
      And form a support group of parents who have children who have been abused and go to the media.
      Hope this helps

  6. Hello David,

    And thank you for writing about your experiences with MC and RA in Australia.

    I have tried to find copies of your interviews on the web to no aval. I wonder if you might be willing to chat with me abut this topic. I live in Melbourne and am interested in interviewing someone who has had first hand experience of this dark aspect to our world.

    If you are interested; please text me and I will call, or email you, in reply.

    Many thanks, Shane

    (PS: I sent you another message but I don't know whether it 'published' or not...)

  7. Hi Shane
    I would be very interested in doing an interview with you. Do you have a contact medium that youre willing to be public with? And if so, can you publish it here and Ill contact you.
    Thanks David

  8. Hi David. I need to talk to you or email. Please can you email

  9. Nazi's, Satanists, Masons & Pedophiles? Come now David, you forgot to mention the aliens. How about some names, dates, times, locations.............

  10. Paul I have given names, times and addresses to the police and the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Assault. The police said that they will investigate when the commission wraps up. I can't publically disclose names, addresses, etc because I could be taken to court for slander, and it could jeopardize the police's investigations.

  11. Sometimes very dubious "people" leave comments that are basically advertising their services, and usually these services support perpetrators. I can catch them because these comments are registered and I see them in my email. However, there maybe a time delay between when it's posted and when I see the email, so please dont respond to the service by clicking on its name. Thanks David

  12. Hi David, I'm also a survivor and work to deprogram others, could you please email me? thanks.

  13. Hi David, Thanks for your story. I am launching myself as an exorcist to remove demons from people. I use the same prayers as priests in the Catholic Chruch. Do you know how I can meet people who are wanting an exorcism? I can help them be free of demons that ca drive you crazy. Thanks, my friend and all the best with your recovery. Ian C. spirit at live dot com dot au. Please get in touch. Cheers...

  14. Hi all,
    Please remember when attaining freedom through 'religious' means, that the illuminati founded the Catholic Church, Mormons (also AOG) and the Billy Graham charismatic type church, many are infiltrated if not founded by the illuminati. If you are looking for deliverance of evil spirits layered in by SRA, find a ministry separate from mainstream churches, who do not practice 'exorcism' Exorcism is mentioned once in New Testament the Greek word meaning (from 1844; in the Strongs concordance) one that binds by an oath (or spell), i.e. (by implication) an "exorcist" (conjurer):--exorcist. In other words they impart spirits not expel, as in Jay Bartlett type rubbish.
    Go prayerfully into this and find a ministry that does both healing of the soul (working to reunite alternate personalities) and deliverance, check them thoroughly that they know the word and understand SRA. And that they have an understanding of the systems set up for alternate personalities. It is vital to your healing and to prevent eventual triggering for Luciferians ultimate goal of black awakening, triggering forward 'super soldiers' in all SRA victims.
    God bless

  15. For both Ian and Michelle
    In my opinion, the ways in which you both deprogram are too subjective to be really accountable.
    From my experience, deprogramming happens when one is compassionate and truly loving to oneself, and not by institutionalised methods.

  16. I am a victim of ritual abuse

    Please contact me to collaborate stories

  17. In my opinion there is no 'method' to deprogramming, I was simply putting out a caution in the way of exorcism. I believe, well, I know it's important to get freedom from the spiritual element, but it's only one element. Deprogramming has nothing to do with deliverance, you can't deprogram spirits, evil, demonic, deceased or otherwise. This is where the hard work comes in and yes, love and safety are primary issues. It can take years before a victim is fully reunited and free. A few sessions in therapy or in a ministry won't cut it! In short, I agree, saying exorcism or deliverance or therapy or a good psychologist is the answer is subjective, all individuals will need individual love and care, and of course time. The main thing is the victim themselves being really determined, return to cult is a very difficult issue to overcome, the suicide another, if the individual (host) is determined to get free and can learn to love themselves then you have an excellent shot at total freedom. X

  18. I can never forget your story......God bless .........I don't necessarily agree with Michelle having endured and still suffering the fall out of being satanically ritually abused, however, I do agree with Michelle about programming.......if I don't get deliverance I know I will die from a liver tortured by alcohol abuse(they made me an adict or that part/s at 5) and I still have many parts - I want to go home and be set free!

  19. Hi David,

    Fiona Barnett has corroborated much of your experiences.


    - The Illawarra Nazi networks and Satanism
    - The Programming of Children at the only Southern Sydney Army Barracks

    You should drop her a line or check out her story if you haven't already.



    1. Thanks Albert
      Ive looked at a lot of her writing :)

  20. You taught school so somehow you managed to receive a public education and a college education. During all this time, you were passed around from cult to cult with NO IDEA that this was happening to you? pedophile rings, satanic cults, mind-washing government cults, religious cults and sex trafficking cults? (with detailed memory even at times prior to memories able to form in a child's mind.) Do said cults network, or what? I pray you receive proper psychiatric treatment.

    1. Yes thats right. Mind control is usually non conscious and so I wasnt aware. I allowed non conscious parts to surface in order to tell me what is/was happening.
      And the perpetrators certainly do network. They generally are very similar in terms of organisation, and so can easily network as they understand each other. They also abuse the dark web and all forms of communication to network with each other.
      And I have an excellent therapist :)