Monday, 10 April 2017

Surviving Current Accessing and Deployment - April 2017

Well, as happens a lot for survivors of ritual abuse cults, Ive realised lately that I've been accessed, deployed and reprogrammed since Ive come to Perth. Programming runs deeper than I thought. Thankfully, parts have told me of the abuse, and Im now deprogramming and stopping any future abuse.
Some Background: I came to Perth in 2008 to hopefully escape the then handler and abuse in Brisbane. However, unfortunately, I was deliberately hospitalised in a psych ward south of the river as the head psychiatrist there shifted me from another hospital's Emergency ward. Then the psychiatrist and two nurses accessed me by non conscious mind control programming cueing, and then drugged and reprogrammed me by awful rape and dissociation in my room late at night. A few days later, the psychiatrist took me to his house for the weekend and reprogrammed me there. He got a cult member, as an ambulance driver, to drive me in an ambulance with a cult member nurse to a shopping centre nearby where they switched me to the psychiatrist's car. I was in a non conscious state all the time. At his house in the north, he tortured me awfully by suspending me with chains from a wall in the basement. He lied that I "killed my mother" and would only release me unless I made him "better than me" therefore controlling me. Initially, the perpetrators demanded that I go back to Brisbane, but I fought that. However, they still manipulated the non conscious control they that had produced, and started to reprogram and abuse me in Perth.
In case you need education about mind control it goes like this. In order to control your mind, and therefore behaviour, they first abuse a process that involves drugging, manipulation of previously produced personalities, a staged setup, extreme torture, contrived allegiance, and dissociated personalities. Firstly, perpetrators put a victim into a highly suggestible state by being drugged so badly so s/he is susceptible to any information that s/he is fed. The perpetrators will also utilise previously produced cult controlled personalities and mind control them further. Then s/he is put into a setup where s/he is told lies that "s/he killed someone". This setup can be a contrived setting where the victim is told "there is an attempted murder on his/her life and she must defend herself", which s/he naturally, and legally, does out of self defence. The perpetrators goad this self defence on, and then there is a trick of some sort. One common one is that it is "revealed" that the attacker in the drama was actually a family member, and so you supposedly "killed someone in your family". There are many other deceptions they abuse, but the intent is to make the victim extremely guilt ridden and in emotional agony, and which they then manipulate further. A main perpetrator steps forward and claims s/he will "save you if s/he is allowed control of you". The handler, and then the organisation, then control you by lying that they have "saved you from a fate worse than death".
Then they compartmentalise the control into a non conscious personality. They do this by abusing our natural dissociation abilities where we can create separate and distinct personalities. During the setup, the victim is also being awfully traumatised somehow by being dangled high up in the air, or electrocuted, etc. Both the dreadful setup and the torture produce a separate personality who is formed using the dissociation process. The perpetrators deliberately produce and look out for this personality in order to contain him/her.  It is this personality who carries the guilt, the threats and the allegiances, and therefore the control inside him/her. And as the trauma is so deep seated, because it is based on a life/death guilt producing scenario and extreme torture, it is at the basis of the victim's being. This state is what we will revert to when being manipulated by the handlers and organisation. Therefore, the situation consists of a personality, who is within a person, is controlled by an outside perpetrator. When accessed by a perpetrator the personality comes out and takes over the behaviour of the person because ultimately the trauma and obligations, previously experienced and contracted to, are the most powerful within the person. As the personality is contained within a separate identity and unknown to the host/person, the perpetrators can control the victim through a personality within, but unknown to, the host. The perpetrators will also lie to the personality that the host is a "bad person" and tell him/her not to talk to the host. Therefore, the perpetrators totally control the person via the totally disconnected and controlled personality within the person.
The perpetrators then sculpture the personality and other personalities they can find from previously. They do this with more staged setups and threats that "close friends and family will be killed" unless you do as they say. With more personalities comes a programming system that functions to do what the perpetrators want, to maintain being accessed by perpetrators, and to maintain the programming itself.
And so I was reprogrammed, or programmed again, abusing the above techniques. I was non consciously told via controlled separate personalities that "every night I had to sleep in my day clothes and on the lounge (couch) near to the front door by 10pm". I thought it was strange behaviour, but it seemed to be ok.... However, what was also strange is that I couldn't sleep in my bed upstairs anymore without programming about "killing myself" would come on.... Also, I was travelling way too much than normal, I was missing time, and I felt odd being in particular places that seemed more of a dream than being real. Then I was walking around at unusual times looking for public phones and these times coincided with ritual dates such as the Autumn Equinox. This was old mind controlled behaviour from abuse years ago, and it felt worrying....
In late March I started talking inside to personalities who had escaped control before and were now allegiant to me. They told me of a planned meeting in Sydney a couple of weeks before. On a Saturday morning I was triggered by a text sent to my mobile phone which meant I had to fulfill an order told to me in Perth before I left. I was "to meet a young blonde haired woman at the Luna Park ferry terminal at 2pm and give her the usb stick". I asked around internally more about this, and I was told that I was given a usb stick which was put into my shirt pocket the morning of the flight to Sydney from Perth. I remember that there was missing time, like a film reel of my memory was stopped, between the Elizabeth Quay railway station and the bus station to the airport. I also remembered that I must wear a shirt with a pocket that day. I had been accessed by being touched on the top left behind shoulder blade by a goon and he slipped a usb stick into my shirt pocket! Then, while in a dissociated state on the bus, I must remove the usb stick from the pocket and put it in my backpack so that it wont trigger off the metal detector and looks "normal" in my bag. All this happened in a non conscious personality state who was fearful that my "mother would be killed".
I understand now why I must "sleep every night on the lounge near the front door in day clothes and go to sleep at 10pm". At approximately 11.30pm, a car would roll into my driveway and there would be a knock at the door. I would be in my controlled non conscious personality state and must open the door and let them in. Either they would reprogram there in the loungeroom or take me elsewhere, usually a large warehouse in Balcatta or a house in Doubleview. This happened weekly on a Thursday night. They would also take me to criminal satanic rituals at a large and private farm north of Perth when there were ritual dates such as Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Autumn Equinox, etc.
Being in day wear, I wouldn't look like I was being kidnapped. If I was in my pyjamas and in a strange state of mind this would look extremely suspicious to drivers and people on the street. Also, the next day, I wouldnt think anything unusual had happened because the day wear clothes were dirty. However, if my pyjamas were dirty then I may think something was wrong. Another criminal activity they would do is abuse my check-in luggage. The night before I went away, they would come over late and put contraband articles in my luggage which perpetrators in baggage handling would take at the various places stopovers. My checked in luggage "went missing" twice on flights to and from Amsterdam airport in June last year, and now I know why.
Im getting a clearer understanding of the perpetrators and the places. One is a Chinese politician in Perth and a son of the politician. Three others are the aforementioned psychiatrist and two nursing staff from a psych ward in a southern Perth hospital. Three others are women. One is middle aged with red hair, and is also a psychiatrist working in a northern mental health unit who lives in a northern suburb not far from the hospital. This red haired woman also worked at a psychology/psychiatric clinic in Perth. Another woman is older and gaunt with white strangly hair, and is a senior nurse at a Perth hospital north of the river where the red haired woman works. She is also the mother of the red haired woman. There is also a darkhaired woman with short hair who also works at the clinic in Perth where the red haired woman once worked. This clinic is basically a cult front. There is also a very obese young blonde woman. I have told my therapist all of this information.
What Ive learnt: always be wary that you may currently be abused. Dont go into a program that "nothing awful is happening to me" or "I have escaped". Having been mind controlled before, there are parts who could still be cult loyal and are returning to them. Mind control is very deep and entrenched, and the perpetrators dont want to lose a victim whom they make a shit load of money out of being a courier of child pornography or anything else highly illegal, and as a zombie watcher of their disgusting rituals. They are evil, power obsessed and very greedy. They see you as as a very profitable commodity as you look and are normal, and deliberately have no awareness of being abused. We can carry expensive commodities, such as child pornography on usb sticks, or information about shipping arrivals which have expensive commodities, such as illegal drugs, without us knowing.


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