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Programming and Indoctrination

The Programming or Indoctrination

As with all abusive organizations, ritual abuse groups have a process of indoctrination. Victims are indoctrinated to perform roles and tasks both at the rituals and for the organization. We are also coerced to keep silent, to not read or gather information about ritual abuse, to not escape, etc. The ritual abuse indoctrination is also called programming as it is intended to make the victim like a programmed robot following specific cues for particular behaviours. The aim of the indoctrination is to entrap the person into being totally submissive. It is concerned with instilling lies through violence and trickery. The lies are: supposed “worthlessness without the group/cult”; that perpetrators "love" you; the outside world e.g. counsellors and loving family and friends "hates and disbelieves you"; you will "always be alone"; you "enjoyed the violence"; etc. The programming torture happens in all areas: physical e.g. beatings, food deprivation, electrocution; psychological e.g. abuse of mind altering drugs; emotional e.g. family deprivation; and sexual e.g. multiple and child rape.

The indoctrination process usually includes drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch brutal videos, etc. The first steps of drugging and hypnosis dangerously impair the persons ability to see things clearly, to act rationally on it, and to escape and fight the torture and deception. The victim can be lied to by hypnotic suggestion that “there is family present”, there is “a gun”, that s/he is “killing someone”, etc. The drugging also makes the victim susceptible to lies told by the perpetrators and the inability to see what is really happening. Electrocution, particularly in the genital and anal areas, is abused in order to threaten, control and punish. Other physical torture is being suspended from cages, handcuffed and being put next to a revolving saw, locked away in a basement, etc The cults in the last thirty years or so have been abusing specifically made videos which have the scenarios the handler wants to abuse. 

The programming consists of setups where a victim/survivor is deliberately placed in a no choice scenario that usually involves family and friends or simulations of “family” and “friends”. The setups could be on screen, in a staged play, or real depending upon where the victim is and how much the family are involved. The “family” or “friends” could be on a screen and the victim/survivor is strapped into a chair so they cannot escape and their eyes are taped open. They are forced to watch the simulation on screen. In the last thirty or more years perpetrators have been abusing videos and three dimensional images (similar to Wii technology) on screen to play out the scenarios. These are particularly abused when they do not have the real family at the setup. For example, I was being abused in Brisbane and my family lived in Wollongong and the perpetrators and handler would try and deceive me that my family “was there”. They were actors on a screen and not my family. In a different situation, the victim could be placed in a play like setting similar to a staged drama. Perpetrators maybe acting as “family” or “friends” and stand around the victim playing out the setup. The real family could also be there. If they are innocent as mine are they too are drugged, hypnotized and programmed. They are also manipulated in the scenario. If they are perpetrators they will be conscious of what is going on. 

The setups are of awful life or death situations involving supposed “family” or “friends” of the victim. The victim is placed in a deliberately guilt induced situation where s/he is forced to kill in order to save her/himself or others. The situation deliberately does not have a choice. In an example of one scenario, the victim has to shoot the loved one (Mum, brother, nephew, etc) or s/he will be shot by the loved one. S/he understandably shoots the loved one to save her/himself. This is legally and morally acceptable as it is self defence. In one situation, the victim is drugged and hypnotized, strapped to a seat, electrocuted especially in the anal and genital areas in order to sit still and not move, and has his/her eyes taped open. S/he is forced to watch videos on a computer screen of the simulated setups of “loved ones killing him/her” which s/he thinks is real and understandably shoots the “loved one”. Another example is a young boy who when drugged is lied to that his “Mum has a gun” and which he believes. It is in fact a stick and the drugged and non conscious Mum thinks she has a “pen”. Again he has every right to hit back and stop the gun being shot as this is what he was led to believe and because of self defence. However the perpetrators manipulate the scenarios so that the victim is made to feel extremely guilt ridden and suicidal. The drugging, hypnosis and physical pain e.g. electrocution stop the victim seeing clearly what is happening, of being rational about it, and running away from the setup altogether. 

When at this suicidal level another perpetrator then steps in and lies that “s/he will save the victim”. The “saving” is within sweet talking and supposed “support”. The victim feels better because s/he has been “saved” and even becomes grateful. However it is really only on condition that the victim effectively obeys what the perpetrator says. The victim is caught again and has no choice. S/he is either suicidal or accepting of the perpetrator’s demands. The perpetrator then becomes the handler and controller of the victim. The handler will in future abuse this programming setup to guilt trip the victim/survivor about how s/he “saved the victim/survivor” and how the victim must do as the handler says. The suicidality that the victim has when not obeying the handler’s orders stems back to this no choice setup. The programming is all lies and a setup. The handler knew that the victim was being tortured and was part of its organizing. S/he knew s/he was not a “saviour” but was abusing this setup for his/her own devious control. Once seen as a setup and that the handler is a devious and murderous perpetrator, the survivor can break free.

Over time these programming setups are repeated in order to instill control and the cult’s ideology of murder. The cult abuses these no choice setups to obtain an obligated and even “grateful” victim. The cult also wants someone who believed s/he has “killed” and has done it “repeatedly”. The cult wants to produce a “killing machine” identity within the survivor and so repeats these no choice scenarios of killing so that the survivor is indoctrinated to kill. 

Victims are horribly indoctrinated as the cults want a victim who is totally controlled. This is because ritual abuse cults are extremely criminal and secretive. The indoctrination therefore is very surreptitious and heavy. There are specific and preplanned steps in the process. With transgenerational (long term family) victims/survivors, this begins early and there is major concentration within the child's development. People indoctrinated from outside the family e.g. as wives, through kidnapping, as friends, etc, also experience heavy abuse in the early stages. With victims whom the cult knows will try and break away from the cult, the cult will make them nonconscious to the abuse. They will heavily enforce the trauma to cause a separated personality or a deep psychotic state. The separation and non consciousness means that the victim does not know what is happening and therefore cannot escape. The cult does not do this with a willing member. They do not have to make the perpetrator non conscious to the abuse as s/he does not want to escape and desires the killing and rapes. The father was conscious to the abuse at all times and is/was a perpetrator.

Indoctrination occurs within all aspects of cult life either in the home, other member's houses, the cult meeting places, the specific programming areas e.g. the back of a handler’s house, institutions (e.g. schools), etc. The perpetrators try to disguise the programming room as much as possible and keep them out of public view. Places of programming are locked rooms and basements, especially at farmhouses, school auditoriums, isolated buildings such as on islands or uninhabited roads, in mines, etc. There is in Brisbane in the eastern suburbs and on the Brisbane River a programming room that’s in a boatshed. Its run by a handler and perpetrators bring in the drugged victims at night by boat which is parked underneath the shed. There is a hole in the floor and a ladder is suspended down so that victims are told to “clamber up” into the room. Throughout the night the victim is tortured by a female handler but noone can hear because of the soundproofing. The neighbours and passers by think it is just a “boatshed”, but it isn’t. The victim is also deceived because s/he was not taken there by the usual way e.g. car. I kept getting memory of a boat and a boatshed with understanding this programming/torture place and then realised what and where it is.

Broadly, there are two main processes. These are the general and the specific. The general is done by cult members particularly those in the family. E.g. a young boy can be raped in a cult ceremony by his father and also have his head dunked under water until he acquiesces. The revolting father did both to me. General indoctrination methods involve lies e.g. "mum will be killed', deceipt, threats e.g. "you will be tracked down if you escape", false promises e.g. "the cult will provide for you", false guilt e.g. "you owe the cult as it 'helped you'", etc. 

The specific is done by trained indoctrinators called "trainers", "programmers" or “handlers”. The handlers have organized steps and styles that correspond to the age, gender, abilities and situation of the victim. E.g. a newly married and non cult background wife will be indoctrinated from the beginning and at her ages abilities. A two year old boy will be programmed within his abilities as a two year old boy. Tasks and roles will also be attempted to be instilled. Specific methods such as abusing psychological dissociation and organizing multiple personalities are done in this form. The handler also produces identical programming to other victims/survivors of the same cult. For example, the Illuminati cult wants victims worldwide with the same programming so that we can be abused by any Illuminati perpetrator. The specific indoctrination especially involves preplanned sessions of torture, trickery and obligations. Each victim is controlled by a handler which will force the victim/survivor to contact her/him by non conscious accessing, and also will deploy. A survivor particularly needs to break the bonds with the handler. This is another easy to read explanation of programming

The programming system is not adhoc. It is a predetermined process and its system is organised deliberately by the cult. It had specific stages of indoctrination that are generally called core and secondary/ tertiary/etc layers. For children this can start in the womb and for kidnapped people it starts at the age they were kidnapped. The core stages have particularly very heavy and continual torture. The progression is one of destroying trust and of cult obedience. There is also specific training in cult roles at ceremonies and for abuse at the activities e.g. how to be a sexual slave, etc. At certain ages programming is put in for returning, not disclosing, for abuse in particular organizations, e.g. perverted Masonry, etc. The programming is also modified according to the specifics of the cult. For example, you/the survivor may have undone some programming and so the despicable cult then reprograms. They could also program new roles if the victim is abused within another cult e.g. a Nazi cult, and is suited to that cult.

Mind Control

This control of the person by torture, trickery and enforced obligation is basically called mind control. It is mind control as it comes mainly from the mind. This is where we think and from where we act on what is fed to us. It is essentially a conditioning process. We are conditioned by pain and deception to do something for the cult. The mind control can also be quite simple in its operation. A cue such as a date, colour or sensation (auditory, visual, tactile and other means) sets off a specific behaviour such as “return to the cult”, “don’t disclose”, etc. 

The Programming System The cult/organization set up a system of programs within ones being. Firstly the cult produces a personality or part of a person who has a name, a specific cue and a corresponding behaviour. These parts are then assembled into a system. Firstly it has parts that do things singularly for the handler/cult. Parts are told to “report in” to “clean up after the ceremony”, etc. Secondly there are parts whose job it is to “keep the system in tact”. If programming has been undone there are parts whose job it is to “rebuild the programming”. It also has to act like a whole in the sense of being a machine. The parts must cooperate with each other to do what the cult wants and must also stop parts who are escaping.
There are two main forms of programming systems. For ease, they have been categorized as reproducing either single or multiple personality systems. 

Multiple Personality System
The "multiple personality" system has been mainly abused since the 1950s/60s. It is a very sophisticated form of brainwashing or mind control. The cult obtained it from the CIA where it was originally developed. The aim is to create a system of separated personalities. The handler and perpetrators will torture the victim until s/he dissociates and a separate personality is created. This is by the means described before. The perpetrators will drug, hypnotise, electrocute, abuse other physical pain and the no choice setups of being forced to kill. These make the victim/survivor dissociate. Once the perpetrators see the division and creation of a dissociated personality the perpetrators will concentrate on deceiving him or her. The handler will force loyalty from him/her by lying that the perpetrator “saved” her/him from “the killing”. Being dissociated these personalities are unknown to the victim/survivor. This unidentified separation is also worsened as the personality is told lies by the handler that the victim/survivor “is horrible”. Therefore the victim is turned against oneself as a personality of her/him is lied to that the victim him/herself “is horrible”. The person is unaware or amnestic- suffering amnesia of all of the abuse. To escape, the victim needs to see that there is a personality of him/her and this personality is externally controlled. This can be by noticing time is lost when the personalities are out and the host person does not know what is going on. Only the controlled personalities are “awake” and doing things. The victim/survivor is effectively not conscious. Also it is important to trust memories of when the victim/survivor was abused, particularly recently, and cant recall it consciously. These are memories of being non consciously abused by an external handler/cult member controlling unknown dissociated personalities. The victim/survivor must also reclaim the personality who was being abused against him/her. The victim/survivor must regain the trust of the personality. This is by respecting where the personality has come from and talk with him/her to show that s/he has been abused by perpetrators.

After repeated programming sessions the handler produces many personalities. These personalities are then organized into a system of roles, tasks, cues, etc and which is called ‘the programming’. The programming system is then abused by the cult. For example, a person may hear a telephone ring only twice at home, then dissociate into a specific non conscious personality and ring a specific number for directions about cult/organization activities. Personalities can also have specific behaviours related to “keeping the system intact” and can threaten parts who are escaping the cult and the handler.

To understand dissociation better, these are very worthwhile webpages produced by reputable organisations educating the public about it. The first is by the Sidran Institute and is at The second is by Medscape and is at Of particular importance to mind control survivors is the Medscape information on Dissociative Amnesia. The cults/organisations want the victim to be amnestic or completely unaware and suffering from a form of amnesia. In this way the victim cannot recall what they were abused for. The cults/organisations deliberately do this so that the victim does not know s/he is a victim.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is also sometimes questioned by skeptics, but as with the following article on PTSD, its now been proven to exist. Please see

Single Personality System

The single personality system was mainly abused before the 1950s although people after this time have been abused in this form. The aim is to reproduce a psychosis where the person as a whole "spaces out" and loses consciousness so as to be abused in cult activities. There is again heavy violent physical and psychological conditioning. With singleton survivors there is a system that views from a single perspective. There are no multiple personalities.

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