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Surviving Current Accessing and Deployment - April 2017

Well, as happens a lot for survivors of ritual abuse cults, Ive realised lately that I've been accessed, deployed and reprogrammed since Ive come to Perth. Programming runs deeper than I thought. Thankfully, parts have told me of the abuse, and Im now deprogramming and stopping any future abuse.
Some Background: I came to Perth in 2008 to hopefully escape the then handler and abuse in Brisbane. However, unfortunately, I was deliberately hospitalised in a psych ward south of the river as the head psychiatrist there shifted me from another hospital's Emergency ward. Then the psychiatrist and two nurses accessed me by non conscious mind control programming cueing, and then drugged and reprogrammed me by awful rape and dissociation in my room late at night. A few days later, the psychiatrist took me to his house for the weekend and reprogrammed me there. He got a cult member, as an ambulance driver, to drive me in an ambulance with a cult member nurse to a shopping centre nearby where they switched me to the psychiatrist's car. I was in a non conscious state all the time. At his house in the north, he tortured me awfully by suspending me with chains from a wall in the basement. He lied that I "killed my mother" and would only release me unless I made him "better than me" therefore controlling me. Initially, the perpetrators demanded that I go back to Brisbane, but I fought that. However, they still manipulated the non conscious control they that had produced, and started to reprogram and abuse me in Perth.
In case you need education about mind control it goes like this. In order to control your mind, and therefore behaviour, they first abuse a process that involves drugging, manipulation of previously produced personalities, a staged setup, extreme torture, contrived allegiance, and dissociated personalities. Firstly, perpetrators put a victim into a highly suggestible state by being drugged so badly so s/he is susceptible to any information that s/he is fed. The perpetrators will also utilise previously produced cult controlled personalities and mind control them further. Then s/he is put into a setup where s/he is told lies that "s/he killed someone". This setup can be a contrived setting where the victim is told "there is an attempted murder on his/her life and she must defend herself", which s/he naturally, and legally, does out of self defence. The perpetrators goad this self defence on, and then there is a trick of some sort. One common one is that it is "revealed" that the attacker in the drama was actually a family member, and so you supposedly "killed someone in your family". There are many other deceptions they abuse, but the intent is to make the victim extremely guilt ridden and in emotional agony, and which they then manipulate further. A main perpetrator steps forward and claims s/he will "save you if s/he is allowed control of you". The handler, and then the organisation, then control you by lying that they have "saved you from a fate worse than death".
Then they compartmentalise the control into a non conscious personality. They do this by abusing our natural dissociation abilities where we can create separate and distinct personalities. During the setup, the victim is also being awfully traumatised somehow by being dangled high up in the air, or electrocuted, etc. Both the dreadful setup and the torture produce a separate personality who is formed using the dissociation process. The perpetrators deliberately produce and look out for this personality in order to contain him/her.  It is this personality who carries the guilt, the threats and the allegiances, and therefore the control inside him/her. And as the trauma is so deep seated, because it is based on a life/death guilt producing scenario and extreme torture, it is at the basis of the victim's being. This state is what we will revert to when being manipulated by the handlers and organisation. Therefore, the situation consists of a personality, who is within a person, is controlled by an outside perpetrator. When accessed by a perpetrator the personality comes out and takes over the behaviour of the person because ultimately the trauma and obligations, previously experienced and contracted to, are the most powerful within the person. As the personality is contained within a separate identity and unknown to the host/person, the perpetrators can control the victim through a personality within, but unknown to, the host. The perpetrators will also lie to the personality that the host is a "bad person" and tell him/her not to talk to the host. Therefore, the perpetrators totally control the person via the totally disconnected and controlled personality within the person.
The perpetrators then sculpture the personality and other personalities they can find from previously. They do this with more staged setups and threats that "close friends and family will be killed" unless you do as they say. With more personalities comes a programming system that functions to do what the perpetrators want, to maintain being accessed by perpetrators, and to maintain the programming itself.
And so I was reprogrammed, or programmed again, abusing the above techniques. I was non consciously told via controlled separate personalities that "every night I had to sleep in my day clothes and on the lounge (couch) near to the front door by 10pm". I thought it was strange behaviour, but it seemed to be ok.... However, what was also strange is that I couldn't sleep in my bed upstairs anymore without programming about "killing myself" would come on.... Also, I was travelling way too much than normal, I was missing time, and I felt odd being in particular places that seemed more of a dream than being real. Then I was walking around at unusual times looking for public phones and these times coincided with ritual dates such as the Autumn Equinox. This was old mind controlled behaviour from abuse years ago, and it felt worrying....
In late March I started talking inside to personalities who had escaped control before and were now allegiant to me. They told me of a planned meeting in Sydney a couple of weeks before. On a Saturday morning I was triggered by a text sent to my mobile phone which meant I had to fulfill an order told to me in Perth before I left. I was "to meet a young blonde haired woman at the Luna Park ferry terminal at 2pm and give her the usb stick". I asked around internally more about this, and I was told that I was given a usb stick which was put into my shirt pocket the morning of the flight to Sydney from Perth. I remember that there was missing time, like a film reel of my memory was stopped, between the Elizabeth Quay railway station and the bus station to the airport. I also remembered that I must wear a shirt with a pocket that day. I had been accessed by being touched on the top left behind shoulder blade by a goon and he slipped a usb stick into my shirt pocket! Then, while in a dissociated state on the bus, I must remove the usb stick from the pocket and put it in my backpack so that it wont trigger off the metal detector and looks "normal" in my bag. All this happened in a non conscious personality state who was fearful that my "mother would be killed".
I understand now why I must "sleep every night on the lounge near the front door in day clothes and go to sleep at 10pm". At approximately 11.30pm, a car would roll into my driveway and there would be a knock at the door. I would be in my controlled non conscious personality state and must open the door and let them in. Either they would reprogram there in the loungeroom or take me elsewhere, usually a large warehouse in Balcatta or a house in Doubleview. This happened weekly on a Thursday night. They would also take me to criminal satanic rituals at a large and private farm north of Perth when there were ritual dates such as Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Autumn Equinox, etc.
Being in day wear, I wouldn't look like I was being kidnapped. If I was in my pyjamas and in a strange state of mind this would look extremely suspicious to drivers and people on the street. Also, the next day, I wouldnt think anything unusual had happened because the day wear clothes were dirty. However, if my pyjamas were dirty then I may think something was wrong. Another criminal activity they would do is abuse my check-in luggage. The night before I went away, they would come over late and put contraband articles in my luggage which perpetrators in baggage handling would take at the various places stopovers. My checked in luggage "went missing" twice on flights to and from Amsterdam airport in June last year, and now I know why.
Im getting a clearer understanding of the perpetrators and the places. One is a Chinese politician in Perth and a son of the politician. Three others are the aforementioned psychiatrist and two nursing staff from a psych ward in a southern Perth hospital. Three others are women. One is middle aged with red hair, and is also a psychiatrist working in a northern mental health unit who lives in a northern suburb not far from the hospital. This red haired woman also worked at a psychology/psychiatric clinic in Perth. Another woman is older and gaunt with white strangly hair, and is a senior nurse at a Perth hospital north of the river where the red haired woman works. She is also the mother of the red haired woman. There is also a darkhaired woman with short hair who also works at the clinic in Perth where the red haired woman once worked. This clinic is basically a cult front. There is also a very obese young blonde woman. I have told my therapist all of this information.
What Ive learnt: always be wary that you may currently be abused. Dont go into a program that "nothing awful is happening to me" or "I have escaped". Having been mind controlled before, there are parts who could still be cult loyal and are returning to them. Mind control is very deep and entrenched, and the perpetrators dont want to lose a victim whom they make a shit load of money out of being a courier of child pornography or anything else highly illegal, and as a zombie watcher of their disgusting rituals. They are evil, power obsessed and very greedy. They see you as as a very profitable commodity as you look and are normal, and deliberately have no awareness of being abused. We can carry expensive commodities, such as child pornography on usb sticks, or information about shipping arrivals which have expensive commodities, such as illegal drugs, without us knowing.

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Introduction and Index

 These pages have been written for survivors, and their supporters, of ritual abuse. It is a general education and a summary of ritual abuse. The pages have a focus on the Australian situation and resources.

To see who I am please see the About Me section on the right of this page.

What is Ritual Abuse?
Ritual abuse is abuse done within an organisation that practices extremely criminal activities, and within a specified calendar. Firstly, the calendar dates are what distinguishes it from abuse by other organized crime. Criminal practices such as murder and rape are done to victims at predetermined yearly ceremonies. Organised crime however abuse rape and murder to fulfill their illegal money-making activities. The ritual abuse perpetrators want to obtain complete power and they think they can achieve it by ritualised murder, rape and other atrocious acts of people and animals. The rapes, murders, etc. are organised for specific dates of a calendar. Specific people are also killed and harmed at those dates. Eg a child is raped on a certain date. Therefore serious and murderous harm is actually institutionalised by both the organization of it and within specific yearly dates. The term ritual abuse comes from how yearly rituals, which ordinarily are productive and wholesome such as Easter, are inverted horrendously so as to be dreadfully abused. To a ritual abuse cult/organisation these atrocious dates are the supposed fulfillment of their megalomania.

Secondly, the criminality is also what distinguishes it from other organised behaviour which have a calendar of set dates. The groups that organise and practice activities on these dates may have anti social or even socially accepted behaviour. Satanic, pagan, witchcraft, etc groups that do not practice criminal activities are examples of these. Ritual abuse cults and groups are those that are criminal.

Some of the cult's/organisation's crimes are also about obtaining wealth. Other cult activities are organised child and adult pornography and prostitution, human trade, unethical medical and military experimentation, etc. and which are similar to other organised crime. Further extreme harm occurs with the torturous indoctrination. This includes drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch brutal videos, etc. There are also deliberate setups of no choice where the victim is forced to believe s/he “killed a loved one”. The survivor had to do so in self defence, but is lied to that s/he had “a choice”. This setup is done repetitively in order to maintain control, and to enforce the cult’s ideology of power by murder.

The organisations generally consist of cults or small groups and organisations. Their categorisation depends on their style. Some feel like a cult, while others have a military type of organisation, and others have a less regimented "small group" feel. They can abuse religions/ideologies/historical figures that are anti-societal, cruel and inhumane such as Nazism or Nero worship. They can also adopt traditional pagan like religions/ideologies such as Satanism, Paganism, Witchcraft, etc and make them criminal, and/or pervert mainstream religions/ideologies such as Christianity and Masonry. They can also produce a new “religion” and utilise it for producing criminal and horrific rituals. Their aim, as mentioned, is to bolster their megalomania by organised homicide, rape, cannibalism, etc, and to incorporate this into a yearly calendar so that it becomes institutionalised

The abuse can be current and/or from suffering its effects. Most survivors are usually being abused when they first realise that the cults/organisations are mistreating them. They need to firstly escape the current abuse in order to stop any further abuse and reprogramming. They then work on past abuse. For some survivors the abuse is totally in the past. Their perpetrators are dead and the cult/organisation does not affect them anymore, or the cult/organisation disbanded and so the survivor is not being abused currently. Also what has happened is that the survivor really has escaped the perpetrators by moving to a new area, or has excellent safety from the perpetrators where s/he was recently abused. (However, much caution is needed in really knowing that s/he has escaped or has total safety from the perpetrators as the perpetrators will lie that “s/he is safe” and this may well be untrue). Survivors not working on current abuse, work on memories from the past.

Please click on the words in blue/grey to get more information on that specific concern.

Ritual Abuse and the Cults/Organisations
Ritual Abuse Cults/Organisations: The Abuse/Criminality; Their Aims and Extent.
What is a ritual abuse cult/organization? What is the abuse, and how is it criminal? What style and formation do they take? How long have they been in existence? Where abouts are they? How large are they?
Belief In Its Existence: Who believes that ritual abuse cults/organizations exist? How did they come to believe it? Why these people are important in getting support.

The Programming or Indoctrination
How are people indoctrinated into the cult/organization? The methods of programming people so that they become robotic, respond to cues, and are not conscious to their abuse. On the surface and in the victim's mind s/he is deceived s/he is living a "normal life". However, in reality, s/he is taken to extremely disgusting ceremonies, and abused for the illgal money making activities of the cults/organisations.

What is the recovery, its process and important aspects?
Crisis Periods: What are crisis periods and why do they occur? A calendar of cult/organisation call back periods. Ways of stopping the stress.
External Stressors: Survivors get triggered by external stressors such as exams, parenting, travelling, etc. There needs to be an understanding of recovery within these stressors.

Undoing and Coping with the Brainwashing: What is deprogramming and its processes for recovery?

Support for Victims/Survivors: Where you/the survivor can get support in Australia and use overseas resources such as the Internet. This includes counselling; support groups; survivor community groups; media- books/magazines, videos, cassettes and internet; workshops and conferences; etc.

Support for Supporters: Where a supporter such as a friend, parent, counsellor, etc can get support in Australia and use overseas resources such as the Internet.

International Webpages of Ritual Abuse and Similar Survivorship: These webpages are concerned with ritual abuse survivorship. They also list webpages of survivorship from similar abuse.

Australian Webpages of Similar Survivorship:
These webpage address similar aspects of the abuse such as surviving sexual assault, child protection, dissociative identity disorder, etc.

Important Concerns When Reading This Webpage
Terminology: Victims, Survivors, Victims/Survivors and Perpetrators
In this webpage there are basically four types of people. The first are the innocent people who do not desire to be part of ritual abuse. They are brainwashed so that they are not conscious of any part of what happened/is happening. The non consciousness means s/he is not aware of the ceremonies and activities and therefore cannot escape the cult, and is intended so that s/he will not remember it later. S/he is therefore a victim as s/he does not have control over her/his life. There are also innocent people who desired/desire to leave but could not because of threats and violence. S/he knew s/he was being abused but could not escape. In both cases of knowing and not knowing, s/he is a victim because s/he could not stop the control and get away.
A survivor is someone who had been able to know that s/he is/was being abused, and has been/is making efforts to leave the cult and not participate in its atrocities, and to work on the programming and memories.
A lot of the time a person can be both a survivor/victim as s/he could still be accessed and abused in the activities without knowing it fully. However, s/he knows there is or maybe abuse still going on and is making efforts to stop the abuse. Therefore s/he is also a survivor and is called a victim/survivor in the webpage. Its the aim, ability and condition of the person that makes her/him a survivor or a victim/survivor.
Perpetrators are those that consciously know that they are at ritual abuse activities and willingly desire to do them. They are members of a criminal organization and deliberately wish to be so. Their intent is to knowingly harm.

Issues When Reading the Webpages
The information in these pages may be triggering and overwhelming. Please read at a pace that supports you. If you feel overwhelmed, are starting to have flashbacks, feel nauseous, etc, take time out and come back when you feel refreshed. Recovery is a process that you can control by being aware of what you can deak with. You can also ring a friend, a telephone crisis service, a mental health team or a therapist/counsellor. If ringing someone unknown such as a telephone crisis service, you do not need to say you are a ritual abuse survivor. The person listening is concerned about your well being, and so you do not have to explain anything if you don’t want to. Sometimes you may feel you are in a personality who has a childs or teenagers age. Do what you think would help a child and teenager of that age.
A person can read the information two ways. Firstly one can open up the different sections by simply clicking on the concerns in blue/grey above. Or a person can read past this webpage as the separate webpages follow on.
Copying the information
Please feel free to copy the information in the webpages. If you publish it, please acknowledge its source. Thankyou

If you're also interested in reading about related government mind control abuse at Australia please read Recovery fromGenerational Organised Crime which abuses Mind Control Programming at Australia

My Story
This is my story about awareness, working on programming and memories, and breaking free from the cults, the organized crime perpetrators and the private militias.

Dedicated to Survivors
This webpage is dedicated to survivors and especially for our courage in looking at the awful and horrendous trauma and working on it. It takes bravery to work on programming and memories and we should be truly applauded for being the brave people we are.

Ritual Abuse Cults/Organisations

 Ritual Abuse Cults/Organizations

What is ritual abuse? Ritual abuse is the ritualising of extreme and inhumane power over others. The perpetrators wish to sustain a megalomaniac point of view and to have control over life and death. They will kill or dehumanise people and animals as much as possible to fulfill this megalomania. They believe that murder, death, rape, incest, etc are “to be valued” and people are treated as objects of control. They ritualise these destructive practices by holding severely injurious and morbid ceremonies within a predetermined calendar of dates. It is this calendar that separates ritual abuse cults/organisations from other organised crime which deliberately dehumanises others. 

Perpetrators abuse ideologies and practices that fulfill this megalomania. They use known destructive and anti-humane quasi religions such as Satanism to substantiate these beliefs, and/or will pervert beneficial religions such as Christianity. Therefore ritual ceremonies could be Satanic in style and about ceremonial murder and rape. Or they could pervert the Christmas mass so that a murder occurs instead of the Eucharist.

It is done within an extremely secretive organization. As murder, rape, etc are extremely criminal, the organisations are very secretive. They abuse code words in communication and indoctrinate victims by extreme cruelty so that they are either not conscious of the abuse or are too terrified to tell authorities. The calendar dates such as Halloween for Satanic Ritual Abuse and Hitler’s Birthday for the Nazi cult, are what separates it from abuse by other organized crime. Organised crime incorporates violence into its structure. Criminal organisations may kill for control and “protection”, however they do not kill for a solely predetermined and gratuitous purpose. Only ritual abuse cults/organisations do extremely criminal activities within a specific predetermined calendar. The ritual abuse cult/organization sets out to kill a specific type of person e.g. a child, and at a specific time e.g. May 1st (Beltane). This ritual bolsters their megalomania. By knowing that this ritual has been organized for centuries, the perpetrators believe that they have “superhuman powers” passed down through time. This is different to say a male gang rape of a woman where the rapists find a victim that day to bolster their aggressive sexism.

Other activities by the cults/organisations are organised child and adult pornography and prostitution, human trade, drug production and selling, money laundering, etc, and which are similar to other organized crime. The cult abuses victims in order to produce these illegal and expensive commodities. These crimes are about obtaining wealth as well as control and power. More abuse occurs with the torturous indoctrination. This includes drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch brutal videos, etc. There are also deliberate setups of no choice where the victim is forced to kill, or is deceived that s/he “killed”. The reality is that it was in self defence but s/he is lied to that it was “intentional”. This setup is done in a repetitive manner in order to instill control by the cult’s ideology of power by murder.

It was called ritual abuse because when survivors first started describing the abuse in the 1980s they spoke mainly of the revolting rituals of the calendar dates e.g. Halloween. Other aspects of the abuse then became known, such as the extremely violent indoctrination. This meant that the term needed to be extended. Examples of titles that were developed are Ritualistic Abuse, Organised Sadistic Abuse, Ritual Abuse Torture and Organised Perpetrator Group Abuse. However these terms are also too broad. For example, people can be tortured in rituals in wartime concentration camps and it has nothing to do with organized murder. Also they should not be confused with 'ritualistic abuse' (done in a ritualised manner such as beating a child daily). Nor is it open and non abusive satanism, where worshipping Satan by itself is not criminal. It is still mostly known as Ritual Abuse as the term still has merit. It is the predetermined abuse of horrific rituals on prescribed calendar dates that sets it apart from other organized crime. The most common form of ritual abuse is Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) as Satanism is the most common ideology the perpetrators use. However there are many other ritual abuse cults such as Nazism, Perverted Masonry, Baal Worship, Pagan Worship, Witch/Warlock worship etc. 

The timing of the abusive dates depends upon the cult themselves. The cult leader decides which days are to be for cult murders, rapes, etc. They usually fall within the specific ideologies’ traditional calendar, but can be changed to suit the cult leaders birthday, etc. For example, within satanic ritual abuse, major times are Halloween (October 31st), Beltane (May 1st), Easter and Christmas (with the last two perverted in their Christian rituals). Nazi groups “celebrate” on Hitler’s Birthday and when he became Chancellor.  Baal groups and Perverted Masons also have specific days/nights when they murder and rape. Also some organizations are now using a cover of a public holiday especially if it is close to the date or on it. For example, a supposed Labour Day party for Beltane (May 1st) is now being abused.

What is a ritual abuse cult/organization?

Ritual abuse is done primarily within small groups. The organisations generally consist of cults or small quasi 'religious' groups. They are called cults when the emphasis is greatly on the ritual ceremonies and there is a cult like ideology e.g. Satanism. They are called groups when there is emphasis on the organizing as a group rather than the quasi religious aspects. They are a group which organizes a date specific murder, rape, etc.

Bega where the main abuse for the region happened. The local cult though was in a specific suburban area of Wollongong. If the whole region was “celebrating” we all had to go to Bega. The cults can also be within a national or international organization. Some large international cults are The Illuminati (which is mainly Satanic), Baal, Nazism and Perverted Masonry. Some cults can be totally focused on the cult leader and what s/he wants rather than a regional, national or internationally adhered cult. I was also abused by a mayor of a city (Wollongong) who thought he was the Roman emperor Nero. His murders and rapes were totally within a Roman and Nero worshipping scenario, and not within a larger cult that I knew of such as Satanism.

Each cult leader (regardless of cult “affinity”) networks with other cult leaders locally, nationally and internationally. The reasons are for outlining the cults “turf” (area) and whether a cult leader can have a ritual abuse ceremony in a particular area, to organise the programming which is done mainly by the very powerful Illuminati cult, to invite members of an area to its own ritual abuse ceremony, to sell a victim for murder, to perpetrate organized pedophilia, to sell victims of one cult to another, etc. When I was six the father once took me on an illegal flight from Sydney to Las Vegas via cult controlled military bases (including Hawaii) to go to a ritual abuse ceremony which was also held at a cult controlled military base. The cult in Las Vegas had invited members from Australia.

The cult/group itself is hierarchical. They have a hierarchy of a leader/dictator, members (those who know and desire the cult’s ideology) and victims (people who are deliberately indoctrinated to not be conscious of the abuse or are terrified into not escaping). It consists of mainly three levels. Each person has specific roles within a level. These include: lower levels- cleaning, setting up the sites, etc; mid levels- brainwashing, keeping tabs on people, kidnapping, organising prostitution, etc; upper levels- controlling the sites, networking, administration, etc. They are basically small personal armies controlled by a virtual dictator of the cult/group. Both public and private resources are abused. Eg. a member can work in a government department and access information.

The leader/s of the cults/organizations obtain the most power. They control the abuse and money is directed mainly to them. It is them that organise the rituals and the profiteering. They do most of the killing, raping and hurting of people as they wish to get “power” from it. The leaders also have powerful positions in society. The cults/organizations could not exist unless there was some clout to cover up the activities, and a large monetary base for the prostitution, pornography, human trade, networking, etc. This is to not say that other and less powerful members don’t want control. They also find “power” within the rituals and exhibit psychological control over their families. They also sell the children for money.


Judging from the locations of survivors' reports, ritual abuse occurs in all western countries. Survivors have also come forward from most Australian towns, cities and rural areas. It is difficult (and inconsequential) to outline the full extent of cult activity as we are only beginning to map it. Survivors come from all classes, ages, genders, sexualities, abilities and races/ethnicities. Survivors from eastern and Asian countries are also now coming forward. I was witness to what looks like ritual abuse in Malaysia. I was at a hospital there and one Friday the Thirteenth two people were mysteriously killed on the ward at about ten o’clock by having their life support turned off. They were then placed in ambulances and no one knew where they were taken to. Id say they were then taken to a ritual abuse ceremony and cannibalism took place.

Cults can congregate in a specific area depending upon whether they have control of important social institutions. If they control the police, education (schools), churches, retirement villages, etc in a local area they will mostly assemble there. They particularly want to control a church in order to desecrate it. The cult are like cuckoos in that they pretend to the outside world that they have particular social roles and even have the qualifications such as being a church minister. But really they are cult members and use their position to control a body/institution and/or have local power in a district’s jurisdiction. At two schools where I went there were cult teachers, principals and deputy principals. I was abused at a church where the minister was cult. Cult members could also be within the Department of Housing and give precedence to other cult members. Nearly all of the government departments have cult members in it and abuse the services and networks of the department for cult ends. They will also abuse a socially respectable group such as a Christian group as a front for their activities. I was abused by pedophiles masquerading as a “Christian” group in southern Wollongong and my Mum didn’t realise.

The conduct ceremonies where they know it is some distance from where people are or where they wont be noticed. Farms, mines and open areas in the middle of the bush are abused particularly by cults/groups. They could also abuse a church or a school auditorium if they know they can watch and stop any of the public knowing what is going on inside. I was abused at a farmhouse owned by a cult member in southern Wollongong, NSW. I was also abused in two school auditoriums in southern Wollongong.

The well respected page for ritual abuse survivors did a survey in 1993 of places where its members were abused. The results are in this survey:  Being seventeen years old, and more survivors coming out all the time and all over the world, these statistics would have changed by now. There would be more survivors and more places.

Ritual abuse has been in existence for some time. In the 14th century BC there was the worship of Baal by the Canaanites and Phoenicians and which included animal and human sacrifice. These continued and were known in The Bible (Leviticus 20 and 2 Kings 23) where they mention that the Hebrews carried out human sacrificial rituals. The Druids in England and Scotland also carried out human sacrifice before the coming of Christianity in the sixth century AD. In South America and Mexico, the Incas and Aztecs also performed human sacrifice rituals. In Europe in the Middle Ages the Knights Templar conducted human murder and delved into the Black Arts. In the seventeenth century there was the European group involved in Rosicrucianism which was doing Satanic criminal activities. Overt Ritual Abuse has also been currently documented in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Peru and Chile. In July, 2010, there was a media report of Satanists in Russia killing and eating human victims. Please see  In March 2011 there was a revealing story about a ritual abuse cult operating at Wales. Please see Older survivors speak of transgenerational abuse which means that their grandparents were involved and dates the activity at least until the 1930s.

The Criminality

The list is:
Homicide- done singularly and collectively, preplanned, within ceremonies, as "snuff" or real murder movies;
Torture- within the ceremonies; by the indoctrination/programming; by unethical experimentation;
Kidnapping - of people from the streets, of babies and children from parents who are victims of the cult already;
Unlawful detention – keeping people in compounds and basements, people locked away for producing children who are then murdered, etc.
Criminal violence - starved, electrocuted, raped, etc;
Sexual assault - violated by rape and incest by one or more perpetrators, occurring in ceremonies, organized pornography and prostitution, and within homes. The organised pedophilia and abuse of non consenting adults in sexual situations can be very far reaching and even global.
Human trade industry- human production within compounds, illegal child “adoption” rings, prostitution; slave trade;
Drug production and trafficking; money laundering; and networking with other similar organizations such as the mafia and klu klux klan.
Extremely violent indoctrination - The conditioning process is also very abuse, and consists of severe psychological and physical violence. Survivors can be placed in front of a video screen with their eyes taped open and forced to watch a video enactment of a scenario where the survivor has no choice but to kill someone or s/he will be killed. The video player and images are similar to Wii technology where everything is simulated. The survivor becomes obliged to the handler as s/he lies that s/he “saved the victim” from the scenario. Please see The Programming or Indoctrination

Related Abuse

Many ritual abuse survivors are also abused by related criminal organisations that are mainly within government departments, especially in Foreign Affairs and Trade, espionage agencies eg ASIO and the military. People are non consciously abused for carrying information, carrying drugs, observing of people to obtain social information eg Muslim people and whether they are anti Western, etc. You can go to my webpage on Australian government mind control  for more information on the Australian abuse. You can also go to webpages that have international resources such as .
Most ritual abuse survivors I know have memories of sexual abuse, usually as molestation and rape as a child and this is important to address in itself. The ABC did a powerful story about the sexual abuse of children and its impact on survivors and denial by many powerful people in society. It is at
Survivors usually suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorders (D.I.D.) where the person dissociates (spaces out, goes into another personality, etc). Some of the dissociation is deliberate by the cult handlers in order to control an amnesic personality (a personality not known to the person but still part of him/her) and/or because the trauma memories are so overpowering that its spaces a person out and s/he is not aware of where s/he is ie. like day dreaming. This webpage has clear understandings of dissociation

Denial of Its Existence

Ritual abuse is currently denied by many professionals. Those in denial annoyingly have some powerful positions in society such as psychiatrists, journalists and lawyers. Deniers think that “devil worship cannot be believed because the acts only exist in ‘uncivilized countries’ which have voodoo, etc, and not Western ones”. They also only occurred “In the Medieval Ages and not now”.  Many in the psychology and medical professions are psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors. They tend to come from a “medical model” of psychology and emphasizes physiological aspects for understanding trauma rather than psychological ones. They also think that ritual abuse survivors are “delusional” and see this as part of the “problem” ie. that they “have to overcome their delusions first before they can get better”.  These psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors do not present any evidence that the victims/survivors are “making it up”. They do not disprove the victim/survivor and show that the victim/survivor was never abused.

Also journalists have written many articles and books in the intent of discrediting ritual abuse survivors and supporters, and lawyers have defended satanic cult members in court cases. All of them including  psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors, do not try and understand that current Western society is a very violent one even with news headlines telling them this. What real difference is there between gang of football thugs raping a woman and a Satanic cult raping a boy? Current statistics have that approximately one third of girls/women and a quarter of boys/men as being victims of child sexual assault. By looking at the media there are actual cases of programming and abuse by organisations known to be related to the cults such as the CIA. In the news of August 25th 2009  the CIA was being criticized for its covert and unethical abuse of threats including murdering detainees’ children. Survivors know that the CIA has been covertly abusing people within cults for decades. It is now known that the CIA developed the exact same programming abused on ritual abuse victims, and have abused them in their nefarious activities of drug production and transportation. This knowledge was found by researching declassified CIA information. For more information about this see

If we are to look at some media reports it is easy to see that ritual abuse has occurred. In the news of 31st August 2009 there is a story about two girls who were described by a doctor as “being programmed by their father”. This was the horrible case of the kidnapping by Garrido in the U.S. of a young woman who was then held captive in Garrido’s backyard and her daughters and most probably her being programmed. For more information do a web search on “Garrido” and  “California”. In the news of July 29th, 2010, there is the horrible story of a “polite” French couple who are accused of murdering eight newborn babies and burying them in the yard of a house Then there are media reports that are more direct such as the satanic ritualised killing and cannabalism of Russian perpetrators from July 27th, 2010. Please see  In the U.S. there was a story in August 2010 of grave sites bein broken into, the bodies stolen and parts of the body such as the skull abused for rituals. There was also animal sacrifices. Please see  If all of these stories cannot be opened as the media outlet had outdated it, please use a search engine of the media outlet or an Internet one. For example, for the French story, please use “French couple murder eight newborn babies”, for the Russian story use “ Russian Satanists gruesome ritual murders” and for the U.S. story use “Cult Blamed for Cemetery Vandalism, Theft of Body”.

Those professionals and others in denial either cant see that it could exist or are simply being fronts for the cults. Some who deny its existence are genuinely coming from a worldview of denial of horrible trauma existing currently. They are not being malicious. They cannot cope with horrific trauma. Unfortunately survivors and supporters also wish they did not have powerful positions in society and are annoyed at their powerful abilities. Some are actually cult perpetrators and abuse their positions as such. Quite definitely not all professionals in denial are cult perpetrators, and its not beneficial for a survivor to become paranoid that “all deniers are perpetrators”. The majority of deniers cannot cope with understanding and accepting horrific trauma especially by a cult/group. They go into denial and will use non beneficial methods such as studying physiological methods of studying emotional trauma even though emotional trauma really is psychological. 

These are questions which professionals in denial should consider about ritual abuse. Devil worship has been known to exist for centuries. Historical and government records have described them. Why would devil worshippers suddenly stop their activities simply because it is a modern, technological twenty first century? They would be inclined to become more secretive as policing and other methods of catching criminals have improved. In fact, the programming developed in the 1950s was done so that victims would not remember anything and therefore go to the police. In terms of the memories, these are horrible things that survivors wish they didn’t have to endure. Why would we make up problems, and especially severely traumatic problems that we have to face? Memories cause us to stop work and study and to have horrible debilitating days. We don’t get any monetary benefit and I for one can think up other and less painful ways of “attracting attention”, and which I don’t do anyway.

Belief In Its Existence: From “Delusional” to Evidence

Ritual Abuse has existed for centuries. Since the14th century BC there has been the worship of Baal by the Canaanites and Phoenicians and which included animal and human sacrifice. Older survivors from transgenerational groups have stated that their grandparents were involved and so therefore the abuse existed from at least the 1930s going backwards. Survivors have described activity in all western countries, and we now have survivors coming forth from the east. As said I was witness to what looks like ritual abuse in Malaysia. I was at a hospital there and one Friday the Thirteenth two people were killed on the ward at about ten o’clock by having their life support turned off. Id say they were then taken to a ritual abuse ceremony and cannibalism took place.

Survivors have been telling the police, media, psychiatrists, etc for many, many years about devil worship, organized murders, etc., However, they had been labelled "mad" or "liars" because society could not deal with the issue. Many if not most hospitals and psychiatric wards still think ritual abuse victims/survivors are “delusional”.

In the mid nineteen eighties, sensitive and intelligent psychiatrists and counsellors started to believe survivors. By then widespread sexual assault and organized pedophilia, domestic violence, violence against minorities eg. gay and lesbian people, etc was validated. Society was also opposing war (organized homicide) and understanding how entrenched violence was and still is. Very sensitive and rational counsellors and psychiatrists could therefore accept that ritual abuse existed. It was/is part of a continuum, and not something foreign to a violent society.

Concerned people could also look back at history and find examples of ritual abuse and even when the Satanism was downplayed. For example, the 1969 Manson murders of Sharon Tate and her friends in the United States was ritualized and organized within a satanic framework. Also disturbing, and yet still common crimes could be understood. For example ritual abuse survivors believe that people who are “missing” in community magazines such as The Big Issue are kidnapped and usually killed in ceremonies.

Successful court prosecutions from around the world also validated the existence. Satanic style murders, exposing organized pedophilia with cult overtones and connections, etc showed that there were not a small number and were not isolated. Please see the Believe the Children community group's compilation of ritual abuse crimes at The Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing Webpage. Also Literature on the evidence of cases at In 1996 a US Senate Inquiry into Government Mind Control revealed the same brainwashing methods abused in ritual abuse organizations. The U.S. government had validated that the specific type of programming abusing dissociation and torture had been developed by the C.I.A. and was/is abused in criminal organisations. In 2000 President, Bill Clinton said that "Every day around the world and even t(here) in the United States, children are sold into virtual slavery or trafficked for the worst forms of sexual abuse."  

In Australia two cases have shown that ritual abuse exists here. In 2004, Garry Ford, was gaoled in Brisbane for eight years for “sexually abusing teenage boys during pagan rituals to initiate them into a group dubbed the White Brotherhood” (Oberhardt and Keim, Courier Mail newspaper, August, 2004). In 2006, the Roman Catholic Cardinal, Bell, admitted that a former priest in Melbourne was involved in ritual abuse (including murder) after accepting the evidence of a survivor and paying compensation (Hughes, webpage, May, 2006).

Two Australian government enquiries also showed that ritual abuse could exist. The Chelmsford Royal Commission (1988-90) revealed that doctors, and in hospitals, did drug and traumatise innocent people without their consent. This was similar to current and past ritual abuse indoctrination methods. The 1996/7 New South Wales Wood Royal Commission into the Police Service revealed organized pedophilia within the Police Service and other government departments. It also stated that with ritual abuse: “It cannot be assumed that all disclosures of satanic ritual abuse can be discarded as hysterical, or untrue, or iatrogenically induced (caused by therapy). Experience has shown that pscyhosexual or sadistic abuse and murder of children does occur and that more than one person may be implicated in such crimes”. Australian governments also started subsidising research and education about ritual abuse. In 2006 the New South Wales government subsidised research and education about ritual abuse by a national service helping adult survivors of abuse including ritual abuse. This is ASCA or Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse. They have the publication at

Many professionals in the Police Service, Legal System, Education, Community Work etc believe that ritual abuse exists and will investigate cases with knowledge that ritual abuse does occur. For example on the 30th August, 2009, The Daily Telegraph in New South Wales published a story about a mother who was giving away her new born babies. The article reads: “One of the police lines of inquiry is the possibility that Leonie (a new born daughter) was killed as part of some dark, satanic ritual."There is a subculture of devil worshipping in this country,'' (Police) Inspector Seymour said. "We can't discount that it has something to do with what happened to Leonie.'' For the full story please see or do a web search of “Hutchinson, babies” in the Daily Telegraph

Belief In Its Existence: A Rational Viewpoint

A rational viewpoint can also be used. Why is it that survivors from all over the world, and who have never met each other, can explain the very same complicated and technical forms of both the rituals and the indoctrination? They have been also doing this for at least twenty years. For example, programming is quite technical and involves specific stages, methods and abuse of specific machinery, etc. This information only now exists publically through survivors coming forth. Survivors were validating each other in the late 1980s and early 1990s without publically known information.

Society generally is opening up to understanding widespread abuse. In the last forty years it has progressed very well. It has accepted the existence, and then seriously challenged war, widescale sexual assault, domestic violence, violence against minorities and organized pedophilia. Ritual abuse, will by progression, be the next form of abuse to be understood and eradicated.

The organizations are also within a continuum of societal abuse. Wars are organized killing; working and middle class workers are conditioned to work and threatened by the army if they don't; and sexual assault can be institutionalized (e.g. within the Catholic Church) and widespread. Certain companies know that their workplace can kill people, but allow the bad conditions to continue in order that they make profits. An example is that of James Hardie Australia which allowed workers to be affected by known cancer forming asbestos material. Please see the ABC news report at  or look up information on James Hardie and abestos cancer. Ritual Abuse is one end of a spectrum of horrific abuse.

Abuse awareness starts mainly at a grass roots level. All the previous campaigns e.g. gay liberation began with people talking at a local level to either each other, counsellors, support generally, etc. This is where ritual abuse awareness currently (2010) is at. Survivors are getting together at workshops, through webpages and email groups, support groups in counselling centres, etc, to validate and support each other and campaign for societal validation.

In Australia, most government and religious counsellors, incest and sexual assault groups, and womens and mens liberation groups accept the existence of ritual abuse. Individuals within the media, police, education, etc, and psychiatrists and counsellors in private practice also support this. Institutions generally are either non accepting, defensive or cautious. The public has an awareness that secretive criminal organizations do murder and in organized ways (e.g. Ku Klux Klan), and that there are heinous organisations in recent history such as the Nazis and their concentration camps. Therefore very destructive cults could also exist. It would not be difficult to expose that other such cults/organizations of a criminal satanic, nazi, druidic ideology exist also.

It is all important to talk with counsellors, agencies, journalists, etc that believe or at best are open to believing it. It is not good for the victim/survivor, their supporters and society generally to not be heard or invalidated. It also takes a lot of time and energy to report on ritual abuse. There is broad support and counsellors who will listen to survivors and supporters. One needs to simply look for a receptive, intelligent and compassionate ear. A good place to start is your local sexual assault agency. On my Support page you can find the names, addresses and telephone numbers of sexual assault agencies that I know work with ritual abuse survivors and/or can refer.

For up to date information on mind control issues, including ritual abuse and government experimentation please see the webpage

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Programming and Indoctrination

The Programming or Indoctrination

As with all abusive organizations, ritual abuse groups have a process of indoctrination. Victims are indoctrinated to perform roles and tasks both at the rituals and for the organization. We are also coerced to keep silent, to not read or gather information about ritual abuse, to not escape, etc. The ritual abuse indoctrination is also called programming as it is intended to make the victim like a programmed robot following specific cues for particular behaviours. The aim of the indoctrination is to entrap the person into being totally submissive. It is concerned with instilling lies through violence and trickery. The lies are: supposed “worthlessness without the group/cult”; that perpetrators "love" you; the outside world e.g. counsellors and loving family and friends "hates and disbelieves you"; you will "always be alone"; you "enjoyed the violence"; etc. The programming torture happens in all areas: physical e.g. beatings, food deprivation, electrocution; psychological e.g. abuse of mind altering drugs; emotional e.g. family deprivation; and sexual e.g. multiple and child rape.

The indoctrination process usually includes drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch brutal videos, etc. The first steps of drugging and hypnosis dangerously impair the persons ability to see things clearly, to act rationally on it, and to escape and fight the torture and deception. The victim can be lied to by hypnotic suggestion that “there is family present”, there is “a gun”, that s/he is “killing someone”, etc. The drugging also makes the victim susceptible to lies told by the perpetrators and the inability to see what is really happening. Electrocution, particularly in the genital and anal areas, is abused in order to threaten, control and punish. Other physical torture is being suspended from cages, handcuffed and being put next to a revolving saw, locked away in a basement, etc The cults in the last thirty years or so have been abusing specifically made videos which have the scenarios the handler wants to abuse. 

The programming consists of setups where a victim/survivor is deliberately placed in a no choice scenario that usually involves family and friends or simulations of “family” and “friends”. The setups could be on screen, in a staged play, or real depending upon where the victim is and how much the family are involved. The “family” or “friends” could be on a screen and the victim/survivor is strapped into a chair so they cannot escape and their eyes are taped open. They are forced to watch the simulation on screen. In the last thirty or more years perpetrators have been abusing videos and three dimensional images (similar to Wii technology) on screen to play out the scenarios. These are particularly abused when they do not have the real family at the setup. For example, I was being abused in Brisbane and my family lived in Wollongong and the perpetrators and handler would try and deceive me that my family “was there”. They were actors on a screen and not my family. In a different situation, the victim could be placed in a play like setting similar to a staged drama. Perpetrators maybe acting as “family” or “friends” and stand around the victim playing out the setup. The real family could also be there. If they are innocent as mine are they too are drugged, hypnotized and programmed. They are also manipulated in the scenario. If they are perpetrators they will be conscious of what is going on. 

The setups are of awful life or death situations involving supposed “family” or “friends” of the victim. The victim is placed in a deliberately guilt induced situation where s/he is forced to kill in order to save her/himself or others. The situation deliberately does not have a choice. In an example of one scenario, the victim has to shoot the loved one (Mum, brother, nephew, etc) or s/he will be shot by the loved one. S/he understandably shoots the loved one to save her/himself. This is legally and morally acceptable as it is self defence. In one situation, the victim is drugged and hypnotized, strapped to a seat, electrocuted especially in the anal and genital areas in order to sit still and not move, and has his/her eyes taped open. S/he is forced to watch videos on a computer screen of the simulated setups of “loved ones killing him/her” which s/he thinks is real and understandably shoots the “loved one”. Another example is a young boy who when drugged is lied to that his “Mum has a gun” and which he believes. It is in fact a stick and the drugged and non conscious Mum thinks she has a “pen”. Again he has every right to hit back and stop the gun being shot as this is what he was led to believe and because of self defence. However the perpetrators manipulate the scenarios so that the victim is made to feel extremely guilt ridden and suicidal. The drugging, hypnosis and physical pain e.g. electrocution stop the victim seeing clearly what is happening, of being rational about it, and running away from the setup altogether. 

When at this suicidal level another perpetrator then steps in and lies that “s/he will save the victim”. The “saving” is within sweet talking and supposed “support”. The victim feels better because s/he has been “saved” and even becomes grateful. However it is really only on condition that the victim effectively obeys what the perpetrator says. The victim is caught again and has no choice. S/he is either suicidal or accepting of the perpetrator’s demands. The perpetrator then becomes the handler and controller of the victim. The handler will in future abuse this programming setup to guilt trip the victim/survivor about how s/he “saved the victim/survivor” and how the victim must do as the handler says. The suicidality that the victim has when not obeying the handler’s orders stems back to this no choice setup. The programming is all lies and a setup. The handler knew that the victim was being tortured and was part of its organizing. S/he knew s/he was not a “saviour” but was abusing this setup for his/her own devious control. Once seen as a setup and that the handler is a devious and murderous perpetrator, the survivor can break free.

Over time these programming setups are repeated in order to instill control and the cult’s ideology of murder. The cult abuses these no choice setups to obtain an obligated and even “grateful” victim. The cult also wants someone who believed s/he has “killed” and has done it “repeatedly”. The cult wants to produce a “killing machine” identity within the survivor and so repeats these no choice scenarios of killing so that the survivor is indoctrinated to kill. 

Victims are horribly indoctrinated as the cults want a victim who is totally controlled. This is because ritual abuse cults are extremely criminal and secretive. The indoctrination therefore is very surreptitious and heavy. There are specific and preplanned steps in the process. With transgenerational (long term family) victims/survivors, this begins early and there is major concentration within the child's development. People indoctrinated from outside the family e.g. as wives, through kidnapping, as friends, etc, also experience heavy abuse in the early stages. With victims whom the cult knows will try and break away from the cult, the cult will make them nonconscious to the abuse. They will heavily enforce the trauma to cause a separated personality or a deep psychotic state. The separation and non consciousness means that the victim does not know what is happening and therefore cannot escape. The cult does not do this with a willing member. They do not have to make the perpetrator non conscious to the abuse as s/he does not want to escape and desires the killing and rapes. The father was conscious to the abuse at all times and is/was a perpetrator.

Indoctrination occurs within all aspects of cult life either in the home, other member's houses, the cult meeting places, the specific programming areas e.g. the back of a handler’s house, institutions (e.g. schools), etc. The perpetrators try to disguise the programming room as much as possible and keep them out of public view. Places of programming are locked rooms and basements, especially at farmhouses, school auditoriums, isolated buildings such as on islands or uninhabited roads, in mines, etc. There is in Brisbane in the eastern suburbs and on the Brisbane River a programming room that’s in a boatshed. Its run by a handler and perpetrators bring in the drugged victims at night by boat which is parked underneath the shed. There is a hole in the floor and a ladder is suspended down so that victims are told to “clamber up” into the room. Throughout the night the victim is tortured by a female handler but noone can hear because of the soundproofing. The neighbours and passers by think it is just a “boatshed”, but it isn’t. The victim is also deceived because s/he was not taken there by the usual way e.g. car. I kept getting memory of a boat and a boatshed with understanding this programming/torture place and then realised what and where it is.

Broadly, there are two main processes. These are the general and the specific. The general is done by cult members particularly those in the family. E.g. a young boy can be raped in a cult ceremony by his father and also have his head dunked under water until he acquiesces. The revolting father did both to me. General indoctrination methods involve lies e.g. "mum will be killed', deceipt, threats e.g. "you will be tracked down if you escape", false promises e.g. "the cult will provide for you", false guilt e.g. "you owe the cult as it 'helped you'", etc. 

The specific is done by trained indoctrinators called "trainers", "programmers" or “handlers”. The handlers have organized steps and styles that correspond to the age, gender, abilities and situation of the victim. E.g. a newly married and non cult background wife will be indoctrinated from the beginning and at her ages abilities. A two year old boy will be programmed within his abilities as a two year old boy. Tasks and roles will also be attempted to be instilled. Specific methods such as abusing psychological dissociation and organizing multiple personalities are done in this form. The handler also produces identical programming to other victims/survivors of the same cult. For example, the Illuminati cult wants victims worldwide with the same programming so that we can be abused by any Illuminati perpetrator. The specific indoctrination especially involves preplanned sessions of torture, trickery and obligations. Each victim is controlled by a handler which will force the victim/survivor to contact her/him by non conscious accessing, and also will deploy. A survivor particularly needs to break the bonds with the handler. This is another easy to read explanation of programming

The programming system is not adhoc. It is a predetermined process and its system is organised deliberately by the cult. It had specific stages of indoctrination that are generally called core and secondary/ tertiary/etc layers. For children this can start in the womb and for kidnapped people it starts at the age they were kidnapped. The core stages have particularly very heavy and continual torture. The progression is one of destroying trust and of cult obedience. There is also specific training in cult roles at ceremonies and for abuse at the activities e.g. how to be a sexual slave, etc. At certain ages programming is put in for returning, not disclosing, for abuse in particular organizations, e.g. perverted Masonry, etc. The programming is also modified according to the specifics of the cult. For example, you/the survivor may have undone some programming and so the despicable cult then reprograms. They could also program new roles if the victim is abused within another cult e.g. a Nazi cult, and is suited to that cult.

Mind Control

This control of the person by torture, trickery and enforced obligation is basically called mind control. It is mind control as it comes mainly from the mind. This is where we think and from where we act on what is fed to us. It is essentially a conditioning process. We are conditioned by pain and deception to do something for the cult. The mind control can also be quite simple in its operation. A cue such as a date, colour or sensation (auditory, visual, tactile and other means) sets off a specific behaviour such as “return to the cult”, “don’t disclose”, etc. 

The Programming System The cult/organization set up a system of programs within ones being. Firstly the cult produces a personality or part of a person who has a name, a specific cue and a corresponding behaviour. These parts are then assembled into a system. Firstly it has parts that do things singularly for the handler/cult. Parts are told to “report in” to “clean up after the ceremony”, etc. Secondly there are parts whose job it is to “keep the system in tact”. If programming has been undone there are parts whose job it is to “rebuild the programming”. It also has to act like a whole in the sense of being a machine. The parts must cooperate with each other to do what the cult wants and must also stop parts who are escaping.
There are two main forms of programming systems. For ease, they have been categorized as reproducing either single or multiple personality systems. 

Multiple Personality System
The "multiple personality" system has been mainly abused since the 1950s/60s. It is a very sophisticated form of brainwashing or mind control. The cult obtained it from the CIA where it was originally developed. The aim is to create a system of separated personalities. The handler and perpetrators will torture the victim until s/he dissociates and a separate personality is created. This is by the means described before. The perpetrators will drug, hypnotise, electrocute, abuse other physical pain and the no choice setups of being forced to kill. These make the victim/survivor dissociate. Once the perpetrators see the division and creation of a dissociated personality the perpetrators will concentrate on deceiving him or her. The handler will force loyalty from him/her by lying that the perpetrator “saved” her/him from “the killing”. Being dissociated these personalities are unknown to the victim/survivor. This unidentified separation is also worsened as the personality is told lies by the handler that the victim/survivor “is horrible”. Therefore the victim is turned against oneself as a personality of her/him is lied to that the victim him/herself “is horrible”. The person is unaware or amnestic- suffering amnesia of all of the abuse. To escape, the victim needs to see that there is a personality of him/her and this personality is externally controlled. This can be by noticing time is lost when the personalities are out and the host person does not know what is going on. Only the controlled personalities are “awake” and doing things. The victim/survivor is effectively not conscious. Also it is important to trust memories of when the victim/survivor was abused, particularly recently, and cant recall it consciously. These are memories of being non consciously abused by an external handler/cult member controlling unknown dissociated personalities. The victim/survivor must also reclaim the personality who was being abused against him/her. The victim/survivor must regain the trust of the personality. This is by respecting where the personality has come from and talk with him/her to show that s/he has been abused by perpetrators.

After repeated programming sessions the handler produces many personalities. These personalities are then organized into a system of roles, tasks, cues, etc and which is called ‘the programming’. The programming system is then abused by the cult. For example, a person may hear a telephone ring only twice at home, then dissociate into a specific non conscious personality and ring a specific number for directions about cult/organization activities. Personalities can also have specific behaviours related to “keeping the system intact” and can threaten parts who are escaping the cult and the handler.

To understand dissociation better, these are very worthwhile webpages produced by reputable organisations educating the public about it. The first is by the Sidran Institute and is at The second is by Medscape and is at Of particular importance to mind control survivors is the Medscape information on Dissociative Amnesia. The cults/organisations want the victim to be amnestic or completely unaware and suffering from a form of amnesia. In this way the victim cannot recall what they were abused for. The cults/organisations deliberately do this so that the victim does not know s/he is a victim.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is also sometimes questioned by skeptics, but as with the following article on PTSD, its now been proven to exist. Please see

Single Personality System

The single personality system was mainly abused before the 1950s although people after this time have been abused in this form. The aim is to reproduce a psychosis where the person as a whole "spaces out" and loses consciousness so as to be abused in cult activities. There is again heavy violent physical and psychological conditioning. With singleton survivors there is a system that views from a single perspective. There are no multiple personalities.

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This page is concerned with recovery and its many aspects. Recovery is stopping any current victimization, and/or addressing the psychological and physical effects that the abuse has caused.

Stopping Current Victimisation

Many, if not most survivors are currently being abused. Simply by remembering the abuse defintely does not mean escape. Many survivors are under the impression that remembering means escaping the cult, but the cults have many devious ways of controlling a victim and do not wish to let him/her go. They spent a lot of money and programming into making the person a victim and don’t give up easily. Current abuse is by being accessed, reprogrammed and deployed. Accessing usually happens on a regular basis (e.g. weekly). It is the way the victim is contacted. This contact is how the handler and cult members continue the hold over the victim/survivor, and tells the victim/survivor where to go for reprogramming and deployment. It is the primary way the cult and handler control the victim/survivor. If the victim/survivor doesn’t contact then s/he can’t be controlled and directed. When being accessed the handler and cult will continue the lies that he or she has abused to have power over the victim/survivor. This could be “saving” the victim or people that s/he loves, etc. Reprogramming happens when the handler and the cult want to ensure they are maintaining the programming. The handler will again abuse electrocution, drugging, setups, lies, etc in order to have fresh and thorough control. It also means being deployed such as having to go to ritual abuse ceremonies and the organized crime activities of the perpetrators.

It is extremely important for the victim/survivor to stop accessing. Accessing is any contact that the cult/handler has with the victim/survivor and is either conscious or non conscious. When not conscious dissociated personalities maybe ringing or going to physically see a handler/cult member. Even though it may seem that the victim/survivor is not contacting, it is in fact the opposite. The handler and cult have forced the victim to non consciously contact by using the programming. It goes back to the no choice setup where the victim/survivor “does what the handler says or he or she dies”. If there was no programming the victim/survivor wouldn’t contact. S/he is forced to. It maybe conscious such as when a handler/cult member harasses a victim/survivor in his/her home.

Signs of non conscious accessing are missing time when a dissociated personality of the victim reports to the handler/cult without the victims knowledge. This could be non conscious ringing on a regular basis, or visiting (usually periodic) the handler/cult member at a public area such as a market or the handler’s place of programming. Accessing signs are feeling like a zombie when going to a particular part of the city/town/region, having needle marks and small bruises from when the handler and other perpetrators injected drugs, memory of being somewhere else that’s unusual, and using a telephone unusually like a public phone when you have a mobile phone and a landline. It can also be feeling like you’re waking up from a dream and yet you are walking in the city, meeting people you usually don’t meet, having to do something at a particular time that’s important and not accounted for, doing something on a periodic basis that has no real worth in it, the phone ringing in what seems a sequence e.g. three times and then stops, and a feeling that people are strangely coming to your house/flat for no particular reason, etc. These strange occurrences and others happen when the victim/survivor is dissociated and is not conscious of the accessing. It’s really important to take notice of any fear one may have about accessing. In most cases it usually means accessing. Accessing is the main way that the cult has control. As said if the victim/survivor doesn’t contact then s/he can’t be abused. She can’t be directed to go to a particular place for more programming, and can’t be told to go to a cult ceremony, etc.

Stopping accessing means stopping any contact with the handler and cult. As it is non conscious the victim/survivor needs to find when the accessing is happening without her/him consciously knowing. It’s like looking at your back with a mirror. You need to know when something happened without being able to directly and consciously see it. There are many ways to know if you are being non consciously accessed. Firstly there is using your intuition. Does something not feel right about a specific time and/or place? For example, why do I have to go to this particular suburb for no known reason? Are there any obsessions such as wanting a mobile phone which may mean that you are being accessed by phone? It is also important to use objectivity. For example, when looking back on the month why is there this irrational reason to go to this particular park to ring on Sunday mornings? Always check if you are doing things on a regular basis but is not accounted for. Ask for feedback from friends, therapist and innocent family if there seems to be unusual things happening, particularly on a periodic basis. Check whether you are doing anything extra during the week. See if people not close to you but know your routines are saying anything unusual about you. For example are your workmates, neighbours or flatmates saying things that show that you are doing things unusually and you’re not aware of? For example, not having lunch at the workplace on Fridays anymore. Also friends, innocent family and your therapist can give feedback about ones psychological condition. E.g. that s/he seems like s/he just woke up when its lunchtime. In reality, the victim/survivor had actually been accessed and reprogrammed that morning. Have discussions with personalities who can see what is truly happening and can also truly tell when and what the accessing is. You can gently ask all personalities if there is any accessing and how it happened. Sometimes personalities are programmed to give untrue information which they think will help you overall. Ask the personalities to show when the accessing actually happens as in real time. Personalities when trusting you will give you the correct information if accessing is happening. You need to develop trust by showing that you respect them and will not harm them. You also may need to show that the perpetrators, especially the handler, are the ones who hurt the personality. Once they see this they will be closer with you.

Intuition and ones gut feelings give a good understanding of what is happening in the non conscious person. There maybe inkling that accessing is happening every Sunday morning. This can be followed up by noticing that the victim/survivor goes on walks every Sunday morning with no real clear idea of why s/he is doing this. In fact the victim is being accessed by a public phone. The victim/survivor is told to use a public phone as there is no record of a phone call on the telephone bill. Another example of accessing is that you feel dread every Wednesday morning. You have put bricks against your bedroom door so that you won’t be kidnapped. Memories emerge to show that on Wednesday nights a handler will come to the house and drug and rape you in a separate room of the house. This happened to me. Stopping accessing is doing the opposite or different to what you are ordered to do. Do not go outside on a Sunday morning and not be at the house on a Wednesday evening. There will be pain from the programming. It is important to know that this pain is from programming. It does have a source and a reason and can be dealt with. Deprogramming accessing usually means undoing the specific programming related to accessing. When stopping accessing the programming “to contact” will come on very strongly. Stop the programming by either coping with the torture and pain or directly undo it by going to the memories of the programming itself. For deprogramming go to the Deprogramming Page. It is also important to know that many personalities are also tricked into lying to the victim/survivor that “accessing is happening at a particular time” but is not true. They think they are helping the victim/survivor when in fact they are being abused by the handler and cult to do their dirty work. The handler is trying to deflect the victim/survivor from the real time and to confuse him/her. Use your intuition and ask other trusted parts if you feel programmed parts are giving you false information.

It is extremely important to stop accessing. Stopping accessing, reprogramming and deployment means that her/his recovery won’t be jeopardised by the handler’s debilitating efforts to attempt such. The survivor can keep on recovering and not go backwards. If being accessed and then reprogrammed the survivor goes forward a step in recovery and then back two steps because of the reprogramming. It becomes an uphill battle. So it’s best to stop all accessing.

The survivor also needs to physically escape the perpetrators and so needs a safe place to stay. This is to stop any harassment including being at home. As with domestic violence and escaping a perpetrator, finding safety from cult accessing, intimidation and reprogramming may mean escaping to a new town/city/region. For people who are currently being victimized this is extremely important. However the victim needs to also be sure that it wasn’t a setup by the cult to simply move the victim to a new place and then be reabused. I was tricked this way when I thought I escaped from one city, Wollongong to another one, Brisbane. It was really from the frying pan into the fire. I was still being nonconsciously accessed, tortured, lied to and made to go to the ceremonies and other illegal activities of theirs. Survivors need to be sure that they aren’t being accessed and forced to go to ceremonies and other illegal activities of the cult at the new place.

Escaping the cult is similar to escaping any criminal organisation. Survivors/victims are viewed by the cult as slaves who have lots of information and skills which the cult wants. The cults program the victim/survivor a lot and want to exploit him/her as much as possible The survivor/victim also knows the names of the perpetrators and places of the abuse. Safety can be found at a refuge, a house/flat with security, living with other people, living at a block of flats, living at a boarding house with lots of residents. It is important to be around other people as perpetrators will not try anything if there are witnesses. The last thing the cult wants is to be found out. If there are witnesses, the survivor can go to the police and say that the perpetrators in his/her family have been threatening them. The police will have to investigate. If a survivor is worried about telephone calls, an answering machine will screen calls.

This article on Preventing Reaccessing of the Survivor is by an ex-programmer/handler called Svali. Her writing about understanding programming is well respected by survivors.

This article by the well respected psychologist supporting ritual abuse survivors, Ellen P. Lacter, explains how to reduce and prevent recontacting abusers.

Stages of Recovery

Recovery for any abuse is the process of freeing oneself from abuse and its effects (whether past, present or both). We escape from an abusive situation, cope with the abuse of the lies, violence, and enforcement to do wrong, and can work through the memories to be rid of them. We also seek out specific support to help us. Ritual abuse recovery follows the same steps.


The stages generally start with awareness of being abused. This is either currently, in the past, or both. Awareness comes from memories, trusting ones intuition, and/or finding information from newspapers, counselling books, survivors written stories, talking with other survivors and/or with counsellors, searching the internet, etc. It also means trusting feelings about there being something wrong. For example asking why are there scars on ones body? These scars were from the cult perpetrators cutting a victim/survivor at a ceremony.

Validation and Acceptance

The second stage is validation and acceptance that the abuse exists. Ritual abuse survivors generally need to validate these memories and/or current situation as the cult attempts to stop memory of it, and society generally hasn’t accepted it. Once a survivor accepts that the memories existed/exists s/he can work on them properly. Validation can come from many areas. These are meeting another survivor, seeing on the media a story about deaths that occurred within a cult setting, doing an internet or library search on “Satanism” or “Nazism”, a therapist explaining what ritual abuse is, etc. As said because there is very little information about ritual abuse, the victim needs to seek a lot of validation. Friends, and sometimes even the counsellor may not know about ritual abuse and so therefore one must search for validation. Thankfully due to the internet and online book stores such as, survivors can find information. Libraries even may have books on ritual abuse. My local library at Perth has Safe Passage to Healing by Chrystine Oksana which is excellent. Books can also be ordered from other libraries.

This process of acceptance and validation can either be long or short and the important aspect is knowing yourself. It is important to trust inklings that abuse happened/is happening e.g. being worried that you are missing time and that this missing time is in fact ringing/contacting a handler. To see the situation from a different perspective e.g. if feeling that you are being abused in a particular town, go to another one for a day and see what it feels like.


The next main consideration is having a safe place to live. It is very important for being safe in order to work on the memories and the programming. Firstly memories will come out more clearly when there isn’t cult abuse. If there is current cult abuse the memories can come out in a stressful way. The survivor is trying to keep ahead of the current cult abuse and the memories are a reaction to it rather than coming out more easily. As said with escaping current victimisation, the survivor also needs to physically escape the perpetrators. This usually means going to a new city, town and/or region and even country. This can mean stopping accessing by the previous handler, and being triggered by places that had horrible memories for them such as a specific church. With hopefully no accessing and other abuse in the new place, and no direct triggering and cueing there is the ability to recover well. The old handler cannot access and reprogram (do new programming), and there is nothing at the new town/city/region such as a specific mountain or cemetery that has bad memories. It is a new life free from the cult. It is also important that the new place has support for ritual abuse survivors such as counselling. Please see the Support for Victims/Survivors page where support can be found. Survivors can still recover in the place they were abused at. When they stop accessing and further programming by the handler and the cult they can recover like all survivors. It is important that someone is with the survivor most, if not all, of the time, to make sure s/he doesn’t get non consciously accessed and isn’t non consciously going to cult activities. I knew a survivor who stayed in her hometown because of her children and was dealing with non conscious accessing and cult abuse. She had to be with her partner all the time to make sure she didn’t dissociate into a part and be non consciously controlled by the cult.

Also make sure that the new place you/the survivor goes to is not another place of victimisation. This is not a place where the old handler and new handlers are still controlling you. Make sure you know where you are at all times and if there is anything you may do that is unusual. Ask parts if they are being accessed and abused and exactly where. Sometimes parts are stuck in the past or are programmed to say that they are being abused when they are not. This is to keep the survivor thinking that s/he hasn’t and can’t escape and pushes the survivor unfortunately back to the cult.

Survivors when physically away from the cult can develop a sense of inner safety. Safety is a personal place in one self where the cult and its brainwashing and abusive memories cannot psychologically get to. The aim is to create a more solid safe place in ones self. This is the free, creative, untouched, joyous, childlike, adventurous and soulful nature of yourself/the survivor. From this base you/the survivor can start to work on the memories and the brainwashing. If you/the survivor don’t feel in touch with this unaffected personal place, take time out, go for a walk, do enjoyable and creative things, etc. Drawing and artwork can be very important for this. Think of what is important for you. How you are not like the cult. The cult can never control a person totally. Even by reading this you/the survivor are stepping outside of what the cult told you not to do.

This is a good webpage that includes many, if not all the safety tips needed for being safe. It also includes more tips from other webpages.

Getting Support

The next stage is usually about getting support. You/the survivor needs people around them who are aware of the abuse and know how to support you. It is very important as people can understand you and help when in a crisis. Support is by loving and innocent family, friends, counsellors, other ritual abuse survivors, and survivors from all forms of abuse not only ritual. For many survivors, family or family members maybe the perpetrators, and so there is a strong need to stop contact. For some survivors including myself, most of the family are non consciously abused and are lied to that you/the survivor “are hysterical, making things up, and even lying” and so it is important to step outside the contamination of them by the perpetrators. Please see the page for Support For Victims to find counselling.

Self Empowerment

The fourth stage is when the survivor empowers him/herself so that she/he controls his/her life. This basically is about working on the indoctrination and the memories of the cult activities and how you/the survivor were forced into them. It is usually important to firstly work on programming about accessing and returning as this is what the cult will be demanding when the survivor begins to escape and heal. As said, working on the programming means that the survivor is less likely to be accessed and reprogrammed. It is very important to work on accessing programming so that all the work in counseling and survivorship isn’t undone by a current handler disrupting the counselling and recovery. It may also be important to work on return programming when a survivor maybe called back to cult ceremonies and activities. For Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors this is particularly strong between Easter and beginning of May as there are two close dates of Good Friday and May 1st. There are also other dates for SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and all RA (ritual abuse) survivors and these need to be looked out for. Please see a calendar of ritual abuse dates at A handler may also have specific weekly/fortnightly times of programming that have to be broken as well. A survivor needs to watch out for missing time which s/he cannot account for. S/he must watch if s/he is going somewhere for no reason such as looking for telephone booths in the next suburb in order to non consciously ring a handler, driving somewhere for no reason which is non consciously to a cult members house, etc. Also look out for needle marks on the body where the victim/survivor has been drugged.

Stopping all programming is extremely important for self empowerment. The victim/survivor maybe doing it non consciously or non conscious personalities who are aware of the programming maybe working on it without telling the victim/survivor. If there is a lot of memory coming up it maybe concerned with undoing specific programming that personalities know is hurting the victim/survivor. Try and understand why a lot of memory is happening. It is usually about an accessing time or a callback for a ceremony. The handler and the cult will attempt to abuse the programming as much as possible for control. The victim/survivor can cope with the memories of the programming setups.

During survivorship you/the survivor either responds to crisis periods or works on memories at a more even pace. Crises happen when breaking the programming deeply such as stopping callbacks, stopping accessing, telling people especially a counsellor, etc. There is a feeling of urgency as the programming is being seriously challenged and the memories of the programming traumatic setup surface. When there are no crisis periods, there is a better pace where you/the survivor can work more easily on the memories and programming.

Programming consists of setups, torture and forced obligation. If undoing them it is important to look at the memory of when these happened and unravel them. Stop the processes of control such as the electrocution and get rid of the perpetrators. It then is important to get rid of the handler who was or currently is illegally deceiving, torturing and manipulating the victim with the memory of the programming setup. No one has a right to control another and particularly by false means, torture and non conscious ways. The handler is one of the perpetrators and not a saviour. He or she knew that the torture was going on and was part of its organizing. S/he didn’t save the survivor. He or she wanted the survivor to be firstly tortured in order to be pretend that s/he was a “saviour”. The staged obligation only meant control of the survivor for the cults wants and not for the survivor’s own wants. The handler is a manipulator who cornered the survivor and then forced the survivor to do things that only benefited them and most probably caused harm or near death to the survivor. One handler wanted me to go to an area in Indonesia where I could have been killed as a foreigner. She didn’t care about me at all. The handler wanted the survivor to go to a massacre of people (a ritual abuse ceremony) which the survivor would not want to do. S/he wanted the victim/survivor to do child pornography or drug production or other crimes. Undoing the setups and lies of “saving” and “obligations” means reclaiming oneself. A dissociated part usually holds the awful and deceitful memory of the programming. When it is shown that they were torturing and lying to him/her the part will let go of the control and come back to the survivor. S/he is not controlled by an external and abusive handler anymore. S/he is within the survivor and truly safe. For more information concerning deprogramming please see the Deprogramming webpage.

Recovery is very rarely linear

Recovery also is never usually linear and problems occur such as finding a counsellor who can work with ritual abuse survivors, surviving intimidation, physical problems caused by the abuse, as well as the usual problems of relationships, mothering, finding work, etc.

Memory Work

The survivor will also be dealing with memories of cult abuse. This is when the survivor was forced to go to ritual abuse ceremonies and had to partake in activities of the cult that were for the attainment of their wealth e.g. child pornography, gaining information about foreign people, sale of military and other armaments, drug production, etc. Memories of either programming or the activities come up when they can. Sometimes they surface when need be such as memories concerning accessing programming when a survivor is being forced to contact. Sometimes something will trigger off a memory such as seeing a church and the survivor will remember the awful things associated with it. A callback date will cue a survivor. Cueing is different to a trigger. Triggers are unintentional reminders whereas cues are deliberately set by the cult. Sometimes a memory occurs from seemingly out of nowhere. Memories can be remembered quickly such as two hours or sometimes over days. Dealing with memories takes perseverance. Sometimes they can be full-on and sometimes they can be flickering. Sometimes a survivor has to lie down because the pain is so severe. Sometimes the survivor can deal with it by doing physical exercise. It’s important to know that memories surface when they can. They can’t be pushed. Once a memory is remembered fully the pain also goes and the survivor doesn’t carry the pain around anymore.

It is important to know what is going on particularly in the programming and seeing that it is a staged setup. The survivor can get angry at the handler and other perpetrators. In fact it is healthy to do so. Programming is staged and all the cult activities are intended to harm the survivor so its very good to be angry at the perpetrators. During call back such as for a ceremony or being accessed memories can come on fully. The survivor is wanting to remember the programming so as to stop the accessing or callback. This is not beneficial in the long run. It is adding a lot of pressure. What is best is to ask the part holding the memory what s/he needs but not go into the memory fully. Say that after the attempted accessing is over the survivor can help the part to undo the memory and this promise needs to be fulfilled. Also ask how the survivor can help the part in other ways. Reassure him/her that nothing horrible will happen as the survivor wont let anything horrible happen.

It is best to take the memories as best as one can. To “rewind” the memory and remember the horrible pain in a way that is best. Remembering pain, torture, deception and betrayal are not easy but with time and courage they can be remembered, lived through and put aside. It is important to remember that it is really not happening now and that the memories are that. The memories maybe horrid but they are memories. They also come up when they can. For all memory work, particularly at the beginning, it is best to do it with support from a counsellor and/or another survivor as they understand how horrific memory work is. They understand how to approach memory work in terms of addressing it, putting it aside when need be, dealing with the most awful periods, etc. It can be done alone, however, all survivors I have talked to have seen it close to necessary to get support from a counsellor, other survivors, literature, the internet, workshops, support groups, etc. As confidence in memory work increases the survivor is able to do it by her/himself.

Also, initially in recovery, there can be memory flooding (also called flashbacks) where you/the survivor is overwhelmed with so much memory. This can be because the survivor is panicking about being accessed or ceremony callbacks and therefore works on programming memories related to accessing and callbacks. Also it can be caused simply by acknowledging that the abuse existed and the memories will come flooding back. It is very important to stop memory flooding as it can overwhelm you/the survivor. It is very important to talk with parts about putting the memory aside for the moment and to ask them why it is necessary to look at the memory. The memory surfacing could mean that accessing is happening and the survivor wants to get rid of the programming memory concerning accessing. If this is the case it is important to address accessing, see how it is happening and stop the programming memory that allows accessing to happen. This is to put memories into some perspective and not be overrun by them. Memories do come up for a reason. They show that abuse happened/is happening, they show what type of programming is occurring e.g. accessing, they warn that a particular ritual abuse callback is happening, etc. They also release the survivor from the terror, deceipt and pain of the abuse generally, and from programming itself. However the memories need to be controlled, and not controlling.

If having intense memory flooding please see the Support for Victims webpage and what to do during a crisis. Also a good webpage on memory flooding and flashbacks is

Memories can be both real and fabricated by the cult/organization/programmers. The best thing is to not listen to the cult/organization/programmers but to see and hear what is really happening. For example, the cults/organizations/handlers may lie that “your mum has been killed”, that “your brother is there” etc when in fact they were not. The handlers and the cult will abuse hallucinogenic drugs and hypnotism to deceive you. You could be lied to that there is "cult activity happening is this particular place" when it is actually happening elsewhere. There are real memories of cults/organizations killing people, raping children including possibly yourself, of abusing people for pornography and prostitution, of programming people abusing electricity, of killing animals, etc. Reality has a way of standing out and it is this trust of what is real that is important.

Generally, how far one goes in bringing back and working on these memories depends on how much you/the survivor wants the truth and wants to be free from an abusive background. It is very important to stop accessing and callback programming so that you/the survivor are not controlled by the cult/handler. However, on does not have to remember everything. Too much memory work is not enjoying life which is the main aim of recovery. Many, if not most surivors work on memories that keep them stuck emotionally or tied to the cults/organisations, and memories that dont do this they dont work on. There are other more important and enjoyable things to do. One does need to have a life.

There are many benefits of memory work. One is that you/the survivor can work on them in order to get an understanding of what the cult/organization did. You can try and piece your life together and get an understanding of it. Another is to overcome any programming threats by the cult/organization to stop you remembering them. Memory work enables you/the survivor to feel healthy so that you don’t have any past emotional or psychological "baggage". You can get some information that will help society and the police, media, legal institutions, etc get some specific and general information about ritual crime. What is important is that by doing memory work you/the survivor can have a functional and manageable life and with the emphasis on life. You/the survivor can work on as much memory that needs to be worked on in order to do things happily.

It is also very important to understand that the survivor did not want to be part of the cult’s activities. The survivor did not organise them, did not want to go to them nor participate in them. The survivor was forced to under duress and/or weren’t conscious of being there. If s/he wanted to be there s/he would continue on today in cult activities willingly but s/he doesnt. The non consciousness was deliberate by the cult in order to get you there. If the survivor could choose not to be programmed and not go the survivor would not have. The survivor doesn’t hurt or maim during consciousness. The survivor was/is forced to and when not in control of her/himself.

As recovery continues more memories will surface and survivorship is basically about working on memories. This time period of working on memories can be long or short depending upon the amount of abuse, its severity, whether perpetrators are still alive, and ones support. The good thing is that over time memory work becomes less and less and the survivor can concentrate on other things and enjoy life more.

Independent Life

The last stage is breaking away from the support network and establishing an independent life that is not seriously affected by the abuse. When a person deprograms sufficiently so that they are not constantly affected by programming and abuse memories, they can start to leave "the nest" of survivorship and have an independent life. Signs that a person has deprogrammed are: not acting out greatly e.g. not seeing similar looking people today as being the same as the perpetrators, and not seriously falling into the same patterns of abuse e.g. sexual compulsion. It also means being in touch with owns emotions and being responsible for them; if adults, having a functional and normal life- studying, working, parenting, leisure, organized domestic life, friendships, sexual relationships, community pursuits, etc. Please note that during survivorship, the person maybe either already on his or her way to, or having some form of, an independent life. This may include part time study or work, being in a community organisation e.g. a church, doing the necessary aspects of life e.g. travelling, shopping, paying bills, etc, being recreational e.g. bushwalking, maintaining friendships with supporters, etc. Words that can describe having an independent life are Functional, empowered, manageable, effervescent, the land of the living. It means not being dependant upon a support group, counsellor, etc. Most long term survivors I know still keep in touch with other survivors in order to not feel alone. It is still difficult to talk with people generally about ritual abuse as it is not well understood. One can never be perfect. The effects of abuse particularly from ritual abuse can be long term and fundamental. Sometimes a survivor needs to check in occasionally with a counsellor or support group for expression and feedback. The important aspect is that the person now has a fully functional life, with the emphasis on life.

Stages are not fixed

These stages are also not fixed. E.g. a person can be in therapy for another reason e.g. depression and then get memory and follow the stages. S/he didn’t get awareness of ritual abuse and then go to therapy. They are the general pattern of what survivors go through.

Length of Recovery

There is no standard time period for recovery, and also no established definition of what recovery is within a specific time period. There are many definitions for “recovery”. Two common understandings of recovery can be when the survivor is not in need of support and can work on memories independently or another is when the survivor has no current cult abuse and memories to work on and is therefore not affected by the cult or memories anymore. Recovery means different things to different people.

A First Definition of Recovery as Being Independent 

A survivor can work on memories and cult pressures by him/herself. This is after learning how to escape the cult and doing memory work unaided by a counsellor and other survivors. I know of one survivor who was able to be independent after four years of support. She can work on memories by herself and is safe within her own biological family of a partner and children. She doesn’t need a counsellor or other survivors. Many survivors even though independent and not in counselling like to be around other survivors so that they don’t feel alone. Talking about ritual abuse can be difficult as most of society hasn’t heard of it nor understand it. The survivor doesn’t need counselling, but does want to be understood and so a survivors group on email or face to face is important. S/he may also have continued friendships with other ritual abuse survivors or survivors from other forms of abuse such as rape. Most survivors I know are on long term email survivor groups so that they don’t feel lonely. Also if a painful memory does come up the survivor has other survivors around for support.

A Second Definition of No More Memories and Not Currently Affected by the Cult 

This is a good situation to be in but also some caution is needed with this. The cult does lie that “all the memories are gone” so that a survivor wont work on the memories anymore. At the same time s/he is being tortured and reprogrammed even though supposedly “there is no abuse or bad memories”. I had this happen to me when I was moved from Wollongong to Brisbane. A new programmer took over and lied that I “wasn’t being abused anymore and didn’t have to worry about the memories”. Also I think that the abuse can be so horrible that memories can happen for a long time and even ones whole life. Firstly the abuse is quiet severe and is about the near deaths of the survivor and horrible torture and rape. With some survivors the abuse can be a couple of years, whilst for others including myself it can be for fifty years. For some survivors it can be as an adult only, for some as a child only, and for other people including myself it can be both as an adult and as a child. The amount of abuse also depends on how much the cult or cults abused you. Some survivors were abused in one cult, whereas victims/survivors such as myself were abused in many. Also there can be abuse in related cult activities such as abuse by the CIA and organized pedophilia criminals. How much memory one has does vary from individual to individual, however it is important to recognize that the abuse is horrific. I like the approach taken by many survivors who believe that it is beneficial to be with other survivors, including email. There could quite definitely be many horrible memories still there and they could be doing memory work for a lifetime. Therefore being with other survivors means not being alone and having an opportunity to get support when doing memory work. However if there are no memories, not affected by memories and not currently abused by the cult/s, a survivor can see him/herself as recovered and not needing other people for support.

Specific Aspects of Recovery

There are particular aspects of recovery for ritual abuse survivors. These are due to the specific aspects of the abuse. Survivors need validation as the cults are incredibly secretive, have different abuse and indoctrination, are unknown generally within society and misunderstood within the medical community. We need specific support in counselling as non conscious dissociation and multiplicity was abused, and the ritualising of megalomania particularly with murder, rape, etc needs to be understood.

What is specific about ritual abuse is the cult’s ideology of ritualising megalomania by annual ceremonies of murder, rape and other heinous crimes. To the cult, “severe abuse is good” as it follows an anti societal and anti human ideology. The cult will abuse anyone in order to get their kicks of control, including that over life and death. As different to other organized crime and violent groups, the violence is preplanned to fall on particular dates that are about murder, rape and other degrading and inhuman acts. There is a continual view of desiring the deaths and rapes of innocent people. Perpetrators find ideologies that can fulfill this view such as Satanism, produce one from history such as the worship of Baal who enacted infanticide, or produce one of their own. Perversions of mainstream and beneficial religions such as Christianity is also common to ritual abuse perpetrators.

A survivor needs to have a counsellor who can believe such horrid organisations and activities exist, can feel the pain that a survivor goes through, and support the survivor so that s/he doesn’t feel alienated. A ritual abuse survivor already feels alienation because s/he was abused in a very secretive group, has programming torture to not tell people about it and has memories of an extremely bizarre group with disgusting ideologies and practices. S/he also deals with a society who is mostly not aware of its existence and is treated as delusional in some areas of the medical community.

Survivors also need counselors and support people who can understand that the cult ideology, structure and roles are about fulfilling an extremely twisted megalomania. It can be seen as a contest between the devil and god, but it’s really about power obsessed criminals getting their kicks. Like war, the cult seems a place of random bloodshed and severe abuse, but it existed/exists so that criminal megalomaniacs wanted/want to get their fix of power. Counsellors and support people need to see this criminality for what it is and help a survivor escape from a criminal organization that does not want its controlled people to escape, and remember and disclose about it. Ritual Abuse survivors have experienced torture and pain that is similar to survivors of Nazi concentration camps, Ku Klux Klan ceremonies and Mafia controlled operations. By understanding that ritual abuse has similarities to other forms of severe abuse is very helpful to the survivor. S/he will feel less alienated.

These activities are also hidden from society and no clues are left to their existence. The cult will kill a person and cover it up by any way they can. They will murder a new born child from one of the girls/woman in the cult; kidnap, detain and kill someone from the street; kidnap and kill someone from a nursing home, etc. All of these and other ways are hidden by a cult doctor. S/he has gotten the university medical degree and other legal abilities to sign a death certificate at a home where the child was born but is labeled “dead at birth” or sign the death certificate at the nursing home. The secrecy concerning cult activities is instilled by the cult through lies, torture and false threats, and implanting suspicion that the 'outside world' "is corrupt". Since society generally hasn’t revealed the criminality the survivor feels alone. Rapes and murders are on the news every night but ritual abuse crimes of rape and murder within a cult setting are not. This means a continuous need for validation of what seems like hazy and extremely strange memories and/or current abuse. It also means maintaining safety from a very secretive mafia style organization.

Stopping Isolation and Normalizing Ourselves

The major concern from the secrecy is that survivors sometimes feel very alone. We are/were abused by a very secretive group and the abuse is not generally known and accepted. We sometimes feel that the cult is exotic and extreme and not existing elsewhere in society. It can feel sometimes like we “are making it up”, but which in reality is just buying into the cult’s lies. The indoctrination intends to disrupt support from counsellors, friends, professionals, the media, other survivors, etc.

However, if we are to look closely we are only at one end of a societal continuum where murderous and seemingly unfathomable violence exists daily. One just has to look at the new headlines to find incomprehensible murder daily. Children are starved to death, neighbours do kill each other over a simple thing such as a dog barking, people are murdered on beaches for no reason, etc. There are reasons for why people die and in horrible ways but they are not outlined. Ritual abuse cults ritualize murders of children and adults in order to get their kicks just as a murderer will senselessly murder someone on a beach.

We specifically are also very similar to survivors from other destructive organizations. First of all there are known homicidal organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. We are also like survivors from organized crime such as the mafia and its child and adult pornography, human trade activities, "snuff movies' or filmed actual murders, etc. We are also similar to ex members of bikie gangs who break away from the organized crime and inherent violence of them.

It is very important to be with other survivors so that a survivor feels normal. The survivors can be in a counselling group, or an online email list, get together by themselves, etc. I have gotten a lot out of talking to and emailing other survivors. I don’t feel alone with my memories and pain.

Caution: For support groups of survivors it is important to watch if there is any disruption. Some survivors are still being non consciously accessed and may be abused by the handlers to disrupt the group. This is without the survivor even knowing she is accessed and disruptive. There are real perpetrators who organise groups with the aim of sending the survivor back. The group maybe a general survivor group for anyone suffering abuse and the group coordinator will try and cue the ritual abuse survivors to try and get them to return to the cults. I know of one in Brisbane for survivors generally. I joined the group and the coordinator instantly tried to make a friendship that went outside normal group boundaries. I soon found that I wanted to go back to the cult as the words the coordinator used were cueing. The coordinator I found out was also the handler.

Survivors also have to deal with the nonconscious aspects of ritual abuse that still affects our lives. Even if the abuse was decades ago a victim/survivor can still be recovering from a cult mindset. This cult view was done deliberately to exist only within the victim/survivors non conscious being. The victim was not allowed to know about it during ones awake and conscious lives. Unfortunately this non consciousness still exists within the survivor so the worldview doesn’t go. A victim/survivor can feel very different from society because they were abused in a non conscious state. To break this means to allow the non conscious to come to the conscious and work on the lies such as “rape is good” etc. Also we were abused in a very different way to the normal Western and Christian way of life. Satanic (and other cult) “worship” involves major sexual abuse, organized and gratuitous killing, nighttime lives, calendars that revolve around full moons, etc. It is deliberately opposed to the day to day general routine of the Western and Christian way of life. Social isolation from the general and normal world is a major issue with survivors. Even though ritual abuse is similar to other forms of exploitation and violence there are different “values”. Many survivors seek out help with Christianity and other beneficial religions. Positive approaches to life, and beneficial philosophies and social movements can also be of help. I have found that The Reevaluation Counselling social movement is very helpful as it sees people as being born good and are conditioned to do wrong.

Support Can Be Found

Even though it may feel very lonely at times when in recovery, support can be found. Most sexual assault crisis lines are aware that ritual abuse exists. There are crisis numbers for sexual assault nationwide at ASCA the national support organization for survivors of child abuse believes that ritual abuse exists. They have a nationwide number at 1300 657 380. There may not be someone there but will get back to you. Lifeline at 131114 answers calls all the time. They may not know about ritual abuse but will be very concerned about your safety. Also see the webpage on Support for Victims.

Stopping Cult Lies

Victims/survivors are programmed, and usually non consciously, with many lies. The first one survivors usually deal with is that "nothing is/was happening to them" or that they “are/were not being abused”. The memory of a cult killing was “all made up”, etc. They are also lied to that "they don't have the ability to leave" in that they are not intelligent and brave. Other lies are that “he or she will die”, "they only belong in the cult", or we “will not be listened to”, etc. The victim maybe lied to that “the cult/perpetrators/handlers/etc are not cult”. That the person who mysteriously appears “to save him/her” in the programming sessions (in reality the handler) is “a lovely person”. Another lie is that the handler whom the victim/survivor has to ring once a week (really being accessed) is “very helpful, kind and loyal”. The handler is really only keeping tabs on the survivor/victim and is only deploying him/her where the handler wants the victim/survivor to go to. The handler only exploits you/the survivor.

Victims usually do not have a conscious knowledge of the lies. They may have personalities who are deliberately split off. The lies of the programming stay within these personalities and so the deception is separated from the host person. A lot of work is needed to show that they are such. This can mean inner dialogueing by the host person with the personalities to show that there are lies and what they are. The survivor needs to show the personality that s/he has been lied to. It can also mean working on the torture and deception of the programming setup that produced the personality in the first place.

The cults also abuses lies concerned with other people and abuses the victim/survivors altruism. They threaten that people including the counselor, family, friends or the survivor “will be killed”. The cult will not kill someone whom they are abusing as it is against their interests. The police will investigate a murder thoroughly and if the survivor has given information about the cult to a counsellor or any other support person the police will follow it up. The cult would also not kill someone close to them as it will be too revealing and gives the survivor credence in what they said would happen. The cult does not want the police, counselors, social workers, etc to have any evidence that ritual abuse exists. Everything they say about “someone being killed” is a lie and they know that. I have known over two hundred survivors who have left the cults and no one, including the survivor, has been killed. Also survivors may believe that “society does not recognize it or would not believe that it could exist”. These are past and present cult lies, and perceptions from when the survivor was a child. They are different to today. Society has changed and people do believe that ritual abuse exists.

Not Aware and Aware

Survivors are usually programmed to be aware or not aware of the abuse. If they think the survivor wants to escape by knowing about the abuse, then they are programmed to be unaware or not conscious.

Multiple and Singleton

Survivors can also be "multiple" and have many personalities, or "singleton". Being multiple means that a survivor sees the world from many different personalities. They could see it from the viewpoint of an eleven year old boy or from a fifty one year old man depending on who is at the forefront of the person at the time. The view could change suddenly depending upon who is out and can deal with the current situation. Being a singleton means s/he is seeing the world from ones view and not changing.

Having many personalities and which is called multiplicity is very common for people who were indoctrinated with the recent (mainly1950s onwards) programming that organized dissociated (split off) and multiple personalities. The person views life both from many personalities' angles and within a specific personality. The analogy of viewing by a kaleidoscope is beneficial. If viewing from one angle in a kaleidoscope the viewer sees a particular thing. If this changes and the angle is different the view will change. This is the same for multiplicity. When one personality steps in and takes over the view the person is seeing is from this angle. When another personality takes over there is a switch and the world is seen differently. When the cult and handler want the victim to do something they will force a dissociated and controlled personality to come out and take over the victim. This happens particularly during accessing and when called back to the ceremonies and activities. These parts that are dissociated and controlled by the cult and handler need to be understood and cared for. This stops them and the victim/survivor from being abused. This is the basis of recovery. To help dissociated and controlled parts be known and to care for them so that they and the victim/survivor are not abused.

Multiplicity and the switching are not problematic. It only becomes so when there is confusion and disagreement between the personalities and which causes distress for the survivor. The survivor cant do things clearly. The survivor needs to understand that personalities are coming from fear, pain and deception and to care for them. Personalities will listen to being cared for and will start to stop acting on the torture and lies. Sometimes also the survivor has to take control and explain that s/he is being clear in order to do things clearly. This is not a criticism of the personality but a need to be clear so that the survivor is coping and doing things well.

Personalities have the programmed lies and destructive attitudes and so the survivor needs to comfort and support the parts and still not buy into the lies and harmful thoughts of the handler and cult. The personalities need to be shown that they have been lied to and to think differently. To think of positive things. They also cant criticise other parts or the survivor as they base their views on the lying and devious handler.

An important aspect of recovery here can be integration where the person wishes to view life from a whole or to remain multiple. There is nothing wrong with being multiple. Each personality has thoughts and the person can be like a collective with many opinions. This provides many points of view and can be good for discussion and getting a well considered view. However, like a collective, it takes time to come to a decision. If wanting to have a single viewpoint there needs to be the association of traumatized parts. Association is the opposite to dissociation and means working on the painful memories and discussion with parts about the lies that the handler and the cult did. This brings the personalities back to the person. Personalities who are conscious are usually already reclaimed by the survivor so there is usually no need to work on the painful memories fully. The personalities that are not conscious to the victim/survivor are the parts that need help. The decision whether to be multiple or singleton really is a preference based on whether one likes having many opinions or to view the world singularly. Most survivors I know are fine with being multiple.

With people who have many separate personalities, some personalities may accept that it happens and others not. The aim is to support all the personalities. Personalities are lied to and tortured. Educate and challenge, and overall, support and love them. Ask them what they know about the abuse. Some parts whose job it is to make up false information will have to follow the handler/perpetrators. Their falsifying is based on lies told to the part by the handler/perpetrators and so it is important to talk with the part as to what are the lies told. Personality by personality will start to believe that s/he was abused. Personalities will also start talking among themselves that the perpetrators, particularly the handler, are liars, torturers and abusive. The handler really doesn’t care about them.

Singleton survivors are those that were not programmed by a multiplicity approach. “Singletons” do not feel there are parts of themselves with distinct personalities, parts which hold distinct memories, or parts that speak through them. All of what is inside their head "feels" like themselves, and they view life as "one". They approach recovery as if they are one person and so will do memory work as one. There is no need to dialogue etc.

A Master Race Ideology

Victims/survivors come from many quasi “ideologies/religions”. They can be abused by many cults and have parts that correspond to specific cults. The main cult is The Illuminati which “worships” Satan and is obsessed with “world domination”. They control the ritual abuse cults and are at the “top level” of the cult hierarchy. They also control the programming and program the victim for the specific cults. The ones we know in the west, and possibly the east, are The Illuminati (also world government and satan worshipping), perverted masonic, druidic, celtic, nazi, neo nazi, and perverted Christianity. There maybe many we do not know about and need to be educated on. The common aspect is of a megalomania or "master race" ideology. The Illuminati see themselves as the top cult/group who will supposedly "rule the world". Programming within the Illuminati is related to secretive government mind control programs. Mind controlled victims will supposedly become slaves to a supposed world elite of Illuminati controlled government, military and business.

It is very important to address whether there is any conscious or non conscious attitudes about “world control”. Victims/survivors can become obsessed about groups and world domination. Obssessions are simply that. A continuous preoccupation about something that may or may not eventuate. All attempts at world domination from the Romans to the current attempt at global economic control by transnational companies do not eventuate. They cannot be sustained as they need continuous and forceful exploitation and which humanity by its own existence does not allow.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition where the survivor is psychologically upset for a lot of the time in their daily lives. S/he is reliving awful memory and not able to distance her/himself from these painful memories. Their lives are difficult and disorganized. They are in a lot of pain and find it difficult to do normal and everyday things such as going shopping, reading, etc. Anything may trigger someone with Complex PTSD and so there is a strong need to be focused and not triggered.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was first diagnosed among war veterans. They were suffering from wartime memories and finding it difficult to cope with everyday life. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder results when a person experiences a short-lived trauma e.g. car accidents and natural disasters. Complex PTSD, however, is the result of long-term trauma. These are chronic traumas that continue for months or even years at a time such as being imprisoned in a concentration camp. Being captive to a perpetrator or many perpetrators is also common to Complex PTSD survivors. Complex PTSD has the following symptoms: persistent sadness, suicidal thoughts, explosive anger, inhibited anger, forgetting traumatic events, reliving traumatic events, feeling detached from one's mental processes or body, helplessness, shame, guilt, stigma, a sense of being completely different from other human beings, being preoccupied with the relationship to the perpetrator, isolation, distrust, a repeated search for a rescuer, a loss of sustaining faith or a sense of hopelessness and despair. Ritual Abuse survivors suffer from these symptoms and need a lot of counselling to express their current fears and concerns, and work on memories of past trauma. The aim in counselling is to have a functioning life.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Dissociative Identity Disorder is another condition Ritual Abuse survivors have. It used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder as the condition means that two or more personalities exist inside the person. The personalities have distinct identities and act like a person in the sense of intelligence, emotions, behaviours, etc. A singleton views the world from one identity while a person with DID has two or more identities. Identities usually form from repeated long term abuse such as sexual and physical torture. The stress is known to come from severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse at a developmentally sensitive stage in childhood. Over time with repeated torture the child and adult develops a personality. As was written before, the cult deliberately abuses dissociation to produce a personality. This personality is deceived into thinking that s/he has to be cult obligated because a handler lied that s/he “saved the victim from something worse than death”. It’s all lies but the personality did not/does not know this. The handler/cult also wants a personality who is separated from the person in order to abuse him/her without the persons knowledge. A case of manipulating the dissociation process to suit the deviousness and abuse of the cult. The survivor has to not only know of a separate personality being abused, but must also explain things to him/her. Explanation and working on the memories means s/he reunites with the person and the cult does not have control anymore. The survivor must explain the lies and also help the part with the pain of the memory.


Many survivors have addictions including alcohol, substances and sex. They were/are overly used because the survivor isn’t/wasn’t able to see the reality of the abuse. Once a person can stop being dependant upon addictive things, the memory of current, past or both abuse will come back and s/he can work on them.

The Opposite to being Mind Controlled – Aware, Conscious, Loyal to oneself only and Having a Free and Independent Life

As victims we were made deliberately unaware of the abuse, deliberately dissociated so that we weren’t grounded and focused and also in a separated personality, had to be cult loyal first and only to them, and were not free but dependant upon them. They abused torture, false threats, lies, false promises, etc in order to control us.

We need to do the opposite. To be aware of the past and possible current abuse. To accept our memories, even if they are horrible and painful. That they cannot control us by torture and pain. We need validation that the memories/torture were/are real. We need also to be conscious of the abuse and the memories. This is different to awareness. Bieng conscious means living in a state of consciouness all the time. The cult/organisation cannot cue us into a different mind set and/or a different personality who are controlled by them and not conscious to us. We need to know where we are at all times, and if we are being accessed, reprogrammed and/or manipulated to do their dirty work.

We need to break the chains, binds and other ways that the cult/organisation has coerced and forced us to be cult loyal to them. These are working on the memories and breaking all the bonds they forced us into without our real consent. We were tortured and tricked into being cult loyal and we don’t have to accept them anymore. We only have to be loyal to our own growth and authority. We can truly have an independent and free life.

Effects of Class, Gender, Sexuality, Race/Ethnicity, Ability and Age Situation and Conditioning

The survivor’s class, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, physical/intellectual ability and age affect the victim's/survivor's abilities to recover. It exists as both the situation e.g. working class people have less money and resources, and as conditioning e.g. middle class people are told they cant talk publically about abuse.

Class People of all socio-economic classes are abused by ritual abuse cults. There are four main classes- capital- owning large scale companies/land, middle- professional and administrative labour and dependant small businesses, working-technical and physical labour, and poor- charity/welfare dependant. Capital and middle class people can generally pay for private therapy and therefore have choices. The conditioning however is to keep things very private and so need to speak out more. Poor and working class people generally cannot afford private therapy and are more dependant upon government funded and Medicare accepting therapists. They need to "shop" around more. They can also speak up more as they see injustice everywhere and generally speak out against it.

Gender is male and female conditioning. The abuse happens to both genders in the same numbers and with the same violence. The difference lies in that girls/women have violence connected to menstruation and pregnancy. Both genders suffer parenting violence ie their children are killed. The cult also enlarges the general societal conditioning of making particularly working class boys/men violent and angry, and working class girls/women passive and easily manipulated. Both genders suffer shame, guilt, fear, excessive anger and are intimidated by the cult/organization. Feminism has been important. Girls/women can believe that "women can do anything". Boys/men need to be in touch with their emotions again and to accept that boys/men can be abused. We need to work through the memories and to organize and speak out publically that we too are raped and victimised. Men also need to work on the lies fed them that they are "naturally" violent and sex addicts. In the survivor movement there is a disproportionate number of male survivors in that there are roughly one male survivor to about ten women survivors. This reflects male conditioning that we cannot be victims/survivors. Boys/men need to see that we are victimized and can work on emotions in a healthy way to escape the cult and thrive.

Sexuality There are three main sexualities- homosexuality-gay, lesbian, queer, etc; heterosexuality- straight, and bisexuality- bi, queer. Male homosexuals have been treated very badly by society and have been labelled as perverts fitting into a supposed cult image e.g. sex addicts, rapists and pedophiles. There is nothing about homosexuality that makes a gay male a sex abuser/child sex abuser. It is not genetic. Female homosexuals have also been cast wrongly as cult like- e.g. vampires. Again there is nothing about lesbianism that produces this. Male heterosexuals have been wrongly cast as uncontrollable sex addicts, and female heterosexuals have also been wrongly cast as promiscuous. There is nothing about heterosexuality that causes these. Bisexuals have been stereotyped as unfaithful and promiscuous. There is nothing genetic about bisexuals being “unfaithful”.

Race/Ethnicity incorporates both cultural values, and economic/political power in how the specific nation's and international economies treat races e.g. Aboriginal people are treated as poor/working classes. Specific cultural values around class, gender, sexuality, etc can hinder or help people. For example, women from many Asian countries find it difficult to get counselling because they would be breaking family taboos. There needs to be a maintained universal human recognition and practice that everyone has a right to counselling. People from races treated unequally have a hard time finding counselling as only the government by health departments provide this and they may not be aware of ritual abuse. Most of ritual abuse counseling is by private practice and which costs.

Physical, Psychological and Intellectual Ability is concerned with the actual ability to obtain counselling, People with a physical or intellectual disability can find it difficult to find counseling but there is support. People with a psychological disability or having a mental illness find it difficult to do a lot of things including finding a therapist. Ringing a therapist is difficult enough but when one has difficulties focusing then it become very problematic.

Age is also seen in terms of abilities and use of experience, and the stigma attached to it. Many younger people feel that they do not have the power to escape and work on the abuse as society says that young people are “not powerful and cannot make decisions”. This is not true. Young people are very competent people. Middle aged people are told that they should not work on abuse as they are told by society they should be "upstanding being in their prime and forget about personal growth". This is also a lie. No one should have to put up with abuse and middle aged people need to have a wholesome personal life. Many older survivors feel that it is unimportant to work on abuse as they are told by society that they are "going to die". It needs to be remembered that older people are living and need to have a good life free from abuse and its effects like everyone.

We are Not Criminals

Many survivors think that they will be arrested if they come out of the cult and go to an accepting professional/police seeking assistance. This is not the case. Professionals and the police correctly see a person as a victim who has escaped and is giving them valuable information. We are not seen as perpetrators. We were programmed by drugs, hypnosis, torture and deception and most survivors are not conscious when they were/are abused. We did not have a choice in what happened to us. The real perpetrators, the handler and the cult knew that we were/are innocent. Survivors are like people escaping a totalitarian regime for want of a better comparison. We were forced to be there and escaped when we could. This line of false thinking is also programming/brainwashing by the cult. In the seventeen years of survivorship, talking to police, including superintendents, and professionals, and going to royal commissions, etc, I have never been charged for what I was forced to do. Neither have at least two hundred other survivors that I have talked to.

No Harm When Talking to Professionals

By talking to a counsellor you are not putting anybody else at risk. A counsellor is someone where the information you tell him/her will stay only with that person. You do not need to worry that it will go to the police or another professional if you don’t want it to.

No to Guilt

One of the hardest things for a victim/survivor to work on is the supposed "guilt" from either being forced to do cult activities, from escaping and leaving family and friends or from living after seeing people killed. You/the survivor are not and will never be responsible for those cult atrocities. You/the survivor is also not responsible for family and friends still being abused by the cult. You/the survivor cannot save anyone. Only the victim/survivor can save her/himself. If you go near family and friends you put yourself in danger of being revictimised. If a handler is saying that he or she is “protecting” innocent family this is a lie. The cult does not stop abuse of a victim because a handler supposedly says not to. The cult exploits a victim as much as he or she can. The handler is lying if he or she says he or she is “protecting” someone. He or she would not say anything to stop a victim being exploited.

The atrocities were organized by the cult. You/the survivor were forced into them by the cults and their programming. You/the survivor did not have a choice in being taken to cult activities and were forced to be there. If there was a supposed choice why is there indoctrination (programming) and why is it so painful to undo? Why does the cult abuse threats, lies and torture to try and force you/the survivor back? There is no free will or choice when someone is indoctrinated so painfully and with so many lies. If there was choice you/the survivor could just leave. There is no choice. The only choice the you/the survivor want is to be free to go wherever you/the survivor want and not be abused. You/the survivor have the right to be always conscious of where you/the survivor is.

Ways of Stopping Intimidation

These are ways in which some victims/survivors have stopped intimidation:

Stopping Contact with the Perpetrator
Write to your immediate abuser in the cult (e.g. conscious involved family member or handler) and state that you do not wish to have contact. Stress that if she/he does contact then this is seen as intimidation and the matter will be passed on to lawyers. Lawyers can issue letters of demand that specify that you do not want contact or press for an apprehended violence order (called an avo) through a court. An avo specifically stops any written, telephone, internet or face to face contact and is supported by the police. Both are relatively easy to get. A letter of demand can be simply written by a lawyer and a court will grant avos when a person shows some form of intimidation. Lawyers know how to get an avo very quickly. The avo particularly is treated very seriously by the police. (Lawyers can be free or very cheap for people on a health care card. Just ring Legal Aid in each state.) You do not have to explain e.g. as a cult survivor, why you do not want contact. You/the survivor are simply wanting no contact. This is simply intimidation and must stop and goes for both men and women survivors. Some survivors have said that they are sexual assault survivors (so as to not to have to explain cult stuff) which gives the police some understanding and sympathy.

If you wish to start with professional support, go to a safe, believing and respected professional e.g. lawyer, community worker, psychiatrist, priest, counsellor, etc. You can then simply tell the cult that you have done this without mentioning what the conversation was about. E.g. "I saw a psychiatrist this morning and this professional and I do not want wish for you to have any contact with me." You may add: "If you do contact it is seen as intimidation and will be passed onto legal services e.g. lawyers." You do not need to inform the cult of what has been said to the professional. You have not done anything illegal (defamation or slander) or made any charges (as yet possibly) which the police can be called in for by the cult. You have simply said that you have seen a professional person and wish no further contact. If there is intimidation you can then use the letters of demand or avos as mentioned before.

In all these ways of issuing warnings and stopping harassment, there is a very serious challenge put against the cult. This is backed up by professional, court, lawyer and police support. The stopping of contact is known to a respected professional. You can control the amount of information that is said to all parties, however, the cult is not aware of how much information is going to the professional, the lawyers or the police and will feel themselves frightened. They particularly cannot afford to have their secrecy "blown", names mentioned and a legitimate police investigation. The survivor can therefore use cult secrecy to her/his advantage. The cult may try and abuse some influence with its more powerful members e.g. a cult lawyer, but you have the law on your side particularly with an avo. The lawyers you have talked to, the courts, the professionals and particularly the police will abide by this protection.

Having a Safe Address and Communication
To not allow the cult information to where you/the survivor lives and works, etc. you/the survivor can have anonymous, fictitious or non publically accessed names, addresses and telephone numbers. Addresses can be only postal boxes with redirected addresses. The post office is very concerned about privacy and will try its hardest to ensure this. With institutional recording of addresses such as banks and social security, you/the survivor can give a post office box. When they ask for a home address with Centrelink you/the survivor can ask for privacy whereby only the manager of the office has access. Escaping a cult of any description is grounds in Australia. You/the survivor could also ask a community centre, religious counselling agency, therapist, etc if their addresses can be used. You/the survivor can also make up a name as when having the phone connected. Telstra does not require identification with over the phone instillation. If you/the survivor receives intimidating calls, Telstra can change the number, sometimes free of charge. You/the survivor can also have a mobile phone with only a post office box. You/the survivor can also use an answering machine to screen calls. With email addresses you/the survivor can obtain a free and anonymous email address at an internet email address provider where you do not need to either give a street/postal address or a correct one. Some providers are:, and

Stopping Indoctrination
It is the brainwashing that the cult attempts to abuse the most with trying to get the survivor back. There will be lies that family or friends "have died" or "will die". These come from brainwashing setup sessions where you/the survivor had no choice. You/the survivor would prefer to not have anyone die, to have a perpetrator die instead, or to not have to put up with the brainwashing in the first place, etc. Real people also will not die. For example, I escaped nine months ago and my family are all living. No family, friends, counsellors, etc that I know have died also. It is a BIG LIE. Another lie is that there are "cult members in the new place and that you/they have to return to the old place". Make sure there are no cult members at the new place as they could have tricked you to go to a new town or city where there are cult members. See if there is any missing time and if you feel that new information has been added to the programming system. If not the cult is again lying that there are new cult members there and are lying because you are staying there and truly escaping.

The cult also does setups where cult members go into the persons house and pretend that they are going to hurt them if they escape. These are done especially when we are children and so the adult has a long term and mainly subconscious or non conscious childhood memory of this. The best ways to work through these are: to remember that this is a drama that the cult abuses to frighten and plays particularly on a child's fears. We are adults now and can work through this memory and say it was false. We can be rational and see that we have not been intimidated in the year (for example) we have lived in the house. We can also use the law effectively. If a cult member does come into the house/flat, this is trespass and is taken very seriously by the police. If the survivor has also gone to a professional, lawyer, police, etc, the police will also have a firm suspect which will seriously challenge the cult.

Please see the Deprogramming Page to understand how to undo programming.

Crisis Periods

Every survivor goes through crisis periods. This is when you/the survivor may feel suicidal, desperate, with no hope, have no direction, am extremely stressed and have major physical and psychological problems, etc. This situation is either from the initial stages of recovery where everything seems new. It can also be the direct influence of programming with its lying despicable messages and/or from harassment. Also an event from general life such as a major disappointment that will indirectly trigger programming and/or a memory of the abuse.

Signs of stress are: a disorganized life- e.g. housework not done for days, sleeping a lot, not going out, overly using addictions, not going to work for days, homelessness, etc; lacking hope and seeing no future; and having major (not the usual minor) relationship hassles with other survivors, partners, counsellors, friends and people generally; being overly suspicious of institutions, counsellors, friends and people generally.

Crisis periods are generally short term. If they go for over a very long time, there is a definite need to see a counsellor more. The general ways in deprogramming and working through memories are instead put aside for this short term coping.

These are from a ritual abuse survivor magazine from the 1990s in Australia called Beyond Survival.

Breathe. Breathe deeply and wriggle your toes. Rub your arms and legs. Blink hard. Keep eye contact with something such as your pet.

Make a list of your reasons NOT to kill yourself. Read it. Give a copy to your friends to read out to you when needed.

Be safe and warm. Put a blanket around you and cuddle a teddy bear. Hold onto your pet.

Make a list of things you can do to make you feel better: go out for dinner, have a bath, read a book, suck on a dummy, go for a walk. Whatever works or feels right for you.

Write in a journal.

Ring a friend.

Tell yourself that you are worth being loved. You are good.

Be proud of having survived. The fact that you are still alive after all the torture shows what an amazingly strong you are.

Ring a crisis number and talk to them.

When You/The Survivor Feel Lost

Survivors have many times when they feel lost. There does not seem to be any emotional stability or any other form of strength present. The survivor could be completely lost in negative emotions, or is panicking because a new memory is surfacing, or is finding trust difficult, doesn’t have any social stability such as a daily routine, or is feeling called back to the cult, etc. The survivor feels directionless and there seems to be nothing to hold onto.

The first stages of being a survivor is usually difficult. You/the survivor hasn’t worked on memories and are unsure about the process. Also a lot of memory may come flooding in because you/the survivor feels compelled to deprogram. Also possibly you/the survivor knows something is wrong but cant figure it out. Memories are wanting to surface and like a plant sprouting it is really difficult with the pushing stage. However you/the survivor also know it is important to release the memory as it means stopping programming and getting rid of the pain. You/the survivor may also not know how to dialogue with personalities and which is very important. In fact most of survivorship and recovery are new to the survivor. Your/the survivor's whole life can change. There is a period of adjustment and becoming accustomed to memory work, understanding programming, deprogramming, getting validation, stopping harassment, understanding the terminology, working with a counsellor, meeting other survivors, etc.

Throughout the recovery process there are many periods of not knowing what is happening. They are crises because you feel that you cant cope. A new memory is emerging and you/the survivor cannot handle it. With acceptance and understanding of what is happening and guidance from friends, survivors, counsellors and information, you/the survivor can stop the crises.

Call Back Periods

Call Back periods occur when the cult/organization is calling you back to either attend its violent and criminal ceremonies, to assume cult roles within your/the survivor's age and to work for the cult in its other illegal activities. You/the survivor feel the urge to ring, travel or make contact somehow and to change the usual work or recreation routines. These are for no apparent reason. What is happening is that personalities are responding to a date cue e.g. October thirty first (halloween) that says "you/the survivor must return". It could be said like “return home” or simply “home”. There maybe specific ages in your life which the cult/organization has told you that "you must return". The callbacks are to adopt a role in something that only typically benefits the cult/organisation. The ages may differ between the differing activities of the cults/organizations and determined by what it thinks it can get from you/the survivor in that particular age. E.g. a young person and prostitution, a middle aged person with cult knowledge. The ages sometimes are perversions of pagan numerology such as forty two and thirty six (multiples of six) etc.

Cult/Organization Calendars The major call back periods for ceremonial abuse are within cult/organisation calendars of sadistic events. Within their anti societal ideologies, most dates are perversions of either ancient e.g. pagan (who were and are not today criminal) or modern e.g. Christian religions. If it is a cult that worships a sociopath in history such as Hitler there will be callbacks related to the sociopath’s life e.g. birthday. The dates also are given specific torture related notions e.g. rape of a boy at Winter Solstice. The cults/organizations have also been challenged well and many of them are now aware that the public know of the traditional dates. They have now moved many dates to public holidays as an attempted camouflage e.g. an "Australia Day party" acting as a murder ceremony. They may also utilise a close public holiday as the supposed date e.g. May Day in Queensland (1st May ) as Beltane.

There is a fair amount of variation among the groups. Each group emphasises particular dates according to its own sordidness. Some dates maybe mixed such as Summer Solstice and Christmas. Some dates are not used. Easter, May Ist and Halloween are generally the most stressful in Australia for satanic survivors. Some dates particularly halloween and beltane may go for a number of days. There could also be a variation with a cult dictator's birthday, an anniversary of particular sordidness, a particular year with numerical significance 8th August (8th Month) 2008, corrupting religions such as Jewish holidays, use of full moons, birthdays, Mothers Day, etc. Some groups and leaders may have become obsessed by satanism, nazism, etc and read about other dates within the books written about the ideologies. Generally, incorporation depends upon the leaders' sordidness.

The calendar therefore maybe as follows. The cult may not do criminality on each of these days, but they will adhere to ones they think is important.

Australia Day January 26th

Candlemas 2 February


Autumn Equinox 21st March


ANZAC Day 25th April

Beltane Ist May

Labour Day Ist May (Q)

Queens Birthday early June

Winter Solstice 21st June

Lammas 2nd August

Spring Equinox 21st September

Labour Day first weekend in October (specific states)

Halloween (Samhain) 31st October

Summer Solstice 21st December

Christmas 25th December

The well respected webpage Survivorship has calendars of difficult dates.

External Stressors

Survivors, as people, experience external stressors such as work, exams, study, travelling, sightseeing, parenting, relationships, etc. These can worsen the existing survivorship pressure and anxiety particularly when there is a call back period, harassment, disclosure, etc.

Some situations have indirect effects of programming and memories. They will remind the survivor of the cult. For example an exam with its enclosed and controlled nature and the numbers and question order will restimulate programming. Again, there needs to be a perspective that this is an exam and not a cult programming area and that the numbers are for questions.

Breaking the Cycle/Untangling the Web of Ritual Abuse

When escaping the cult and having a free and independent life we are not only doing it for ourselves, but also for the next generation. We are not allowing our children to be abused and this means that the cult/orgnisation will be less in numbers and in power. If we don’t have children we are also lessening the numbers of the cult/organisation and therefore are untangling the web and being one less thread in their devious activities and organisation. The cult/organisation will disintegrate which is a very good thing.

Survivors Speaking Out

To conclude this page I thought I would refer to a video of a survivor speaking out. She has broken away from the cults/organizations and is recovered well enough to live a normal day to day life. She is what people in recovery call a thriver.

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